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How Proper Tool Use Increases Your Safety at Work

When used correctly, tools and heavy machinery can help prevent work-related injuries. Tools and heavy machinery often cause workplace injuries. However, when used correctly, they also help prevent a significant amount of injuries. The reason is that they carry out physical tasks that the average person cannot, and can save the health of workers in … Read more

5 Most Dangerous Tools Used By Missouri Workers

Missouri workers tool belt

Tools are inherently hazardous irrespective of their shape, size and function. All sorts of tools, especially the power operated ones can cause irreparable damage. It is therefore essential to train each and every worker – the ones who handle machinery and heavy equipment as well as those who use simple hand tools. According to our … Read more

Updated: July 31, 2017

Injured by a Power Tool at Work: St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyer

Power Tool Accident at Work

Power tool injuries send thousands of American workers to the ER each year. Power tools are possibly a worker’s most valuable assets. However, when not used safely, these power tools can prove extremely dangerous. Each year, thousands of workers take time off work due to a power tool injury. Apart from human error, design and … Read more

Updated: January 15, 2019