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Foot injuries can result in severe pain, decreased productivity and can even lead to long-term disabilities.

Foot injuries are one of the common workplace injuries. Every year, more than 53,000 workers suffer job-related foot injuries. When they happen, foot injuries result in significant pain, decreased productivity and can even lead to long-term disabilities.

While foot injuries can happen in any occupation, they tend to be more prevalent in occupations where workers stand or sit for long, lift heavy objects, or constantly move. Let’s take a closer look at occupations that pose a greater risk of foot-related injuries and preventative measures workers can take to remain safe.

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Industrial Workers

Most industrial work activities involve standing at the same spot for long periods, exposing workers to foot pain and posture-related conditions. Also, workers who stand in one position are often exhausted and may trip and fall and suffer foot injuries.

Some preventive measures to reduce foot injuries among industrial workers include moving and exercising regularly, using high-cut protective footwear with anti-fatigue insoles for continuous support, traction, and protection.

Commercial Drivers

Truck operators and commercial drivers often suffer foot-related injuries from sitting for long hours and using certain motions with their feet. Their occupational duties also include lifting and loading heavy objects and climbing in and out of large vehicles, which increase their risk of suffering sprains, strains, and weakened muscles.

Some foot safety measures to help reduce the risk of foot injury among commercial drivers include:

  • Taking regular breaks that allow the driver to rest and stretch their legs
  • Proper alignment and functioning of pedals
  • Wearing shoes with anti-fatigue insoles or insoles with memory foam technology to reduce stress on the feet.

Construction Workers

As a construction worker, you’re constantly at risk of falling objects, open holes, debris, heavy machinery, and ladders, which present danger and elevate the risk of suffering foot injuries.

OSHA recommends the following measures as a way of preventing foot injuries at a construction site:

  • Taking adequate work breaks so that workers can rest their feet.
  • Using puncture-resistant shoes can reduce risks associated with falling tools, sharp objects, and fall accidents.
  • Using anti-fatigue insoles that can protect workers from objects that can stab their feet.

Desk Jobs

Working behind a desk can weaken your muscles and make you suffer foot-related injuries. To protect your feet from injuries, you should take short walks throughout the day, stretch your legs during breaks and wear supportive footwear.

Other ways to protect your feet from injuries include:

Maintaining Good Housekeeping Practices

To minimize the risk of foot injuries, ensure the floor is clean and all spills are cleaned up. Also, keep your working space clear of clutter and put away working tools when not in use.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Weight

Your foot should have a midpoint arch when you are standing. However, carrying excess heavy weight repeatedly may take a toll on the tendons that form the structure of your foot, causing a flat foot. Therefore, avoid lifting heavy weight, when possible, to keep your foot strong and healthy.

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Updated: November 15, 2021