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What Should Your Workers Comp Doctor Explain About Your Work Limitations?

Here are some important details that your doctor should include in your work limitations note.

When you visit your worker’s comp doctor, they may conclude that you can return to work with certain limitations. If this happens, they should generally provide a note detailing all your limitations. Your employer should be provided a copy of this note as well.

Let’s highlight some important details that your doctor should include in your work limitations note.

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The Details

The details in a work limitation report vary from one worker to another. That said, here are some basic details your doctor should include in your work limitations report.

1. Details About Your Work Limitations

Your treating doctor should indicate whether your injuries limit your working ability and outline every physical task you should avoid. For example, if you sustained leg injuries, your doctor may restrict you from standing for long periods or lifting heavy loads. Make sure they include this in their report.

2. Details About Changes to Work Condition

Some injuries may require you to work under special conditions. In this case, your doctor should state the changes you need to make to avoid hurting yourself further. Common limitations to your work conditions may include working half-day or being placed on lighter duties you can handle comfortably.

Your doctor may also require you to wear special equipment to avoid straining the injured body parts.

3. No Work Limitations

If you suffered minor injuries that don’t affect your ability to do your previous job, your doctor should indicate this in the report. This will allow your employer to reinstate you to your old position.

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Worker Under Work Limitation?

As mentioned earlier, when your treating doctor limits you from doing certain tasks, ask them to write it down and give you a copy. These restrictions should generally be handed over to your Human Resource Department first thing when you report to work.

If your employer has an opening that meets your restriction, you generally have to accept it, or else you might hurt your claim. However, if you cannot comfortably handle the new duties, be sure to inform your employer and consult your doctor to have your work limitations adjusted.

What If My Employer Offers Additional Duties After My Doctor’s Limitation?

If your employer offers you additional duties that go beyond your doctor’s restrictions, you generally should not accept them. Going against your doctor’s instructions could hurt your claim.

Additionally, if your employer decides to punish or discriminate against you for not taking additional duties, be sure to contact your workers’ comp attorney right away.

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Updated: November 16, 2021