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St. Louis Work Comp Lawyer Discusses Amputation Injuries


Amputation injuries are not only a devastating injury with lifelong consequences, they are also very expensive to treat.

prosthetic-legThe US Department of Labor reports that about half of all amputation injuries take place in the manufacturing industry. It also states that this type of workplace injury is more likely to occur with the use of heavy machinery or equipment. It is recommended that you seek compensation for this type of work related injury with the help of a St. Louis work comp lawyer.

A Traumatic Event

No matter the circumstances, losing a limb or any other extremity is a traumatic event. Extensive hospitalization is always necessitated and you can be facing the option of a painful reattachment surgery if possible. If the limb is too damaged you may need the help of a prosthetic device, or in the worst case scenario you are left with permanent damage that cannot be further repaired. These are crippling injuries that could limit function and mobility for the rest of the workers life. A St. Louis work comp lawyer should be consulted to ensure that the employer and the insurance company is aware of this and that the benefits being given are taking that loss into consideration.

Accessing the Severity of the Injury

In St. Louis, a worker at one of the many food processing plants lost his arm in an auger during the scope of his employment. Working with an insurance company that was reluctant to accept the severity of the injury, a St. Louis workman’s compensation attorney was able to obtain a $2.5 million lump sum settlement for the injured employee. In amputation cases where the permanency of the disability is evident, many employees choose the lump sum payment option as a way of moving forward away from the devastating accident. This is a viable option to consider if you want to make some investments for your family’s future.

Complications of an Amputation Surgery

The total loss of functionality of a limb is treated the same way as an amputation. This is often seen in work-related crush injuries, particularly with the hands.  There are also many known complications that can arise after an amputation surgery such as infection and swelling at the wound site, improper healing, a decrease in the range of motion, blood clots, and heart complications. Due to the severity of the accident it is not surprising to find that many of these injured employees also suffer from mental anguish and depression, sometimes so severe that it is diagnosed as post traumatic stress disorder. You have the right to have these mental conditions taken into consideration as well when discussing a settlement with your employer. A Missouri workman’s compensation attorney will see to it that they are.

If you are unfortunate and lose a limb or the use of one in a job related accident, please seek counsel from The Law Office of James A. Hoffmann at (314) 361-4300.   We have experience with these types of cases. This is a severe, catastrophic injury and you want to be sure that you are receiving the full benefits allowed by law.

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Updated: May 26, 2017
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