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Missouri Workers Compensation for Machine Entanglement Injuries

Machine entanglement injuries happen when an employee is pulled into a running machine by their clothes, hair, jewelry, or body parts.

While machines help businesses become more efficient and productive, working with them comes with an inherent risk. According to a report released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), machinery accidents account for 800 workplace deaths and over 18,000 disabling injuries annually. Let’s discuss how machine entanglement injuries happen and how you can pursue a workers’ compensation claim in Missouri for a machine entanglement injury.

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What Are Machine Entanglement Injuries?

Machine entanglement injuries happen when an employee is pulled into a running machine by their clothes, hair, jewelry, or body parts. Construction and manufacturing workers are more prone to entanglement injuries due to the heavy machinery they use.

Below are common injury points in a machine entanglement:

  1. Crush points: An employee is trapped between two parts moving toward each other such as harvesting machines.
  2. Pinch points: A worker is trapped in two machine parts, one moving and the other stationery. Such machines include pulleys or escalators.
  3. Wrap points: A worker is entangled in one or two parts of a machine that are spinning continuously, such as mixers and lathes.

Machines rotate at high speeds, and before you know it, you might find yourself entangled in one of them. This might lead to debilitating injuries such as head injuries, lacerations, or amputations. However, different measures can be taken to prevent catastrophic entanglement injuries. Here are some of those measures.

  • Avoid cleaning or repairing a running machine.
  • Avoid wearing loose garments or jewelry while working around a running machine.
  • Tie back your long hair as a running machine can easily pull it.
  • Keep machines off when you are not using them.
  • Wear proper protective equipment before operating any machine.
  • Avoid using a machine unless it is properly maintained and has its safety guards on.

Pursuing Compensation

When you incur a severe machine entanglement injury, you may be out of work with no salary, not to mention the huge medical bills you will have to pay. To recover your medical expenses and lost wages, you will likely need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Why Speak With an Attorney?

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will likely employ tactics to try to derail, deny or reduce your compensation. When you work with an experienced attorney, they will understand how to fight any dirty tactics the insurance company may use and help you gather solid evidence to prove your claim.

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Updated: July 27, 2021