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Protect Yourself From Neck Related Injuries At Work


St. Louis neck injury lawyerNeck injuries that result from work-related situations are fairly common.  They can be easy to resolve or they can last months or even years at a time, requiring long term medical treatment.  Seeking treatment immediately for a work related neck injury will help to ensure that the neck injury will not get worse over time or develop into an even more serious problem.  Avoiding neck injuries at work should be a goal of any employee who feels at risk either by doing repetitive work on a consistent basis, or does work with a higher risk of accident.  Taking care to minimize any incident probability should be on the minds of both employers and employees. So if you feel you are at risk, discuss the situation with your employer to determine whether there are actions both of you can take to protect your body from injury.  Changes to office equipment can help to minimize neck injury or even making small changes that vary your movements can have a positive impact on your health.

Types Of Neck Injuries

Neck injuries that occur at work can be the result of an accident or they can be caused by repetitive stress.  These can be injuries or strains to the muscles and ligaments in your cervical spine, damage or displacement of the discs separating your vertebrae, or injury to your vertebrae.  Any pain you feel in your neck or spine requires your attention and you should seek medical treatment before the problem develops any further.  Whether the pain you feel is the result of an accident at work or repetitive motion, you should consider finding a workers’ compensation attorney who can help sort through the details of your case.  A cooperative employer is a best case scenario in any situation involving a work injury where medical treatment is necessary.  Hopefully your employer will be supportive of your claim and encourage you to get treatment.  But oftentimes this is not the case, and in the event of an injury and an uncooperative employer, working with a workers compensation attorney is going to be the thing you can do if you hope to have a successful claim.

Dealing With A Neck Injury

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Updated: January 27, 2016
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