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Proving a Work Related Cause For Knee Injuries


Repetitive injuries are a very common reason for workman’s compensation claims.

knee-injuryHaving to perform the same function over and over on a daily basis will cause a breakdown of small muscles and nerves resulting in constant pain. Some instances of a repetitive injury may not actually be a repeat of a certain movement, but instead applied pressure on a consistent basis to a specific part of the body. Especially in the knees. If the scope of your job entails many hours a day working on your knees than it is possible to sustain an injury to that joint. If your employer is attempting to deny you benefits, claiming the injury is not work related, seek the counsel of a Missouri workman’s compensation attorney.


Bursitis is a common illness associated with kneeling on your knees for extended periods of time. It is an inflammation of the fluid filled sac that serves to reduce friction in joints. The sac, or bursa, that covers the front of the kneecap is the one most often affected by prolonged kneeling positions. Many people will even refer to it as roofer’s, or carpet layer’s knee when the bursa is inflamed. It is most often treated with rest and ice therapy, but some more serious cases require an outpatient surgery to remove excess fluid.

A Torn Meniscus

Another common knee injury associated with workman’s compensation cases is a torn meniscus. The meniscus serves to cushion the knee. It enables you to stay steady by balancing your weight across it. Turning on your knee quickly while bent over can cause it to tear. In severe cases surgical intervention is needed to repair the tear.

Since knee injuries can be caused by day to day activities, employers will often try to put the blame for them outside of the workplace. This was the case with a Missouri carpenter who developed a partial disability as a result of continued applied pressure to his knee. The attorney needed the help of expert witnesses to establish that the cause was indeed work related and now a permanent disability. The carpenter was eventually granted his workman’s compensation for the medical care and three separate surgeries he endured, as well as additional treatment to help manage the pain.

Questioning the Cause of Your Injury

Anytime you have a work related injury that is not accident related, your employer is going to question the causation. This is true, not only for knee injuries, but for ongoing conditions such as carpal tunnels syndrome or lower back pain. It is important to follow the same procedures and make your employer aware of the condition as soon as possible. Follow the guidelines and seek medical treatment from their approved physician and medical facility list. Keep a careful record of all of your appointments and procedures performed. All of this will aid your attorney if your employer makes the decision to deny your claim.

It is true that workman’s compensation is set up as a no fault insurance to protect workers from having to pay for the medical treatment associated with a work related accident. It is also available to those whose injury developed over time. If you have any questions about your conditions eligibility for workman’s compensation, bring your medical records to the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann for review. There are many diseases and conditions that could be associated with your job that you may be unaware of.  Call us today at (314) 361-4300.

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Updated: December 19, 2013
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