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Rhomboid Injuries from a Workplace Accident? St. Louis Workers Comp Attorney

It may not be easy to prove that your back injury is work related.

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The rhomboid muscle is located in the upper back region beneath the neck, between the upper shoulder blades. This muscle helps in controlling the shoulders and arms.

Any injury to this muscle can be painful and disabling. The rhomboid muscle is triangle shaped and is very thin. It is a skeletal muscle connected to the bone and helps joint movement.

The rhomboid muscle connects the medial edges of the shoulder blades to the spine and helps maintain a good posture. A worker can sustain a rhomboid injury in a workplace accident or due to overuse over a period of time. In this article, we will discuss these injuries in detail.

Causes of Rhomboid Injuries Among Workers

If a worker bends over awkwardly, twists their body, or lifts heavy weights, it may cause the tear of multiple fibers. This can result in pain and loss of movement.

A sudden awkward movement may be enough to pull the rhomboid muscle. The muscle may also rupture and cause pain. The rhomboid muscle may compress on a nerve to cause severe pain.

Some of the symptoms of a rhomboid injury:

  • Severe pain referred to as shoulder blade pain or rhomboid pain
  • Severe pain referred to as shoulder blade pain or rhomboid pain
  • Loss of movement
  • Swelling
  • In some cases, nerve compression can lead to acute shooting pain that can result in difficult and painful movements

The rhomboid muscle does not heal easily because of its location. So, the best way to ensure recovery from a serious injury it to rest properly and reduce the swelling. Patients are often prescribed pain medications and NSAIDs to reduce pain and inflammation. Once the pain subsides, the worker can try to regain flexibility and range of motion through physical therapy. Muscle building movements and stretching can help recover from this injury.

Have You Injured Your Rhomboid Muscle in the Workplace?

If you have suffered a rhomboid injury due to lifting heavy loads or twisting your body in unnatural ways in your workplace, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. In many cases, workers mistake rhomboid pain for normal shoulder pain arising from overexertion. So, it is important to have the injury checked by a medical professional who can diagnose the injury correctly and then prescribe the appropriate treatment.

MO Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers who suffer a rhomboid injury while performing their job duties may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. However, due to the nature of this injury, it may not be easy to prove that the injury is indeed work related and not a result of something you did outside of the workplace such as playing basketball or lifting heavy weights in the gym. So, it is in your best interest to seek legal help from an experienced St. Louis workers compensation lawyer, who can help prove your injury and get you the benefits that you deserve.

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Updated: January 19, 2023