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Workers Compensation for Cold-Related Illness and Injuries at Work

missouri trench workers in the cold

Staying indoors during winter enhances warmth and safety. However, in many industries, cold weather generally does not bring outdoor work to a stop. Sadly, the cold weather puts workers at a higher risk of cold stress. Here are common cold-related illnesses and injuries at work and how to identify them. 1. Hypothermia Continued exposure to … Read more

Updated: August 27, 2021

St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorneys Explain Cold Stress Injuries

St. Louis Work Comp Lawyer

Workers that are required to work outside in the cold can suffer a number of cold stress workplace injuries. Worker injuries can manifest even in the simplest of ways, yet they can have severe consequences. Common cold stress injuries and related complications can affect workers, especially those working in cold working conditions or in frigid … Read more

Updated: June 20, 2024