Is Excessive Overtime Dangerous for Missouri Workers?

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Working too many extra hours on too many days and weeks can take its toll not only on Missouri employees but also on the employers. Working overtime may be necessary occasionally, especially during an industry’s or a company’s peak season. It can even be beneficial for employees who wish to earn extra income from time … Read more

Updated: December 4, 2020

How Long Hours Lead to Work Injuries

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The number one concern that is associated with working long hours is fatigue. Very few workers enjoy working long hours or overtime, and even fewer companies want to pay their employees the extra money. In addition, research indicates that there is a negative effect of working long, extended hours, which include health problems and a … Read more

Updated: July 21, 2022

Does Excessive Overtime Increase the Risk of Workplace Injuries?

While working overtime benefits both employer and employee, there are several downsides of excessive overtime. The eight hour work day is the standard in the U.S. However, it is common for companies to ask their employees to work extra hours. When employees agree to work extra hours, they are usually paid a higher rate of pay and the employer … Read more

Updated: January 31, 2017