The 5 Most Common Workers’ Compensation Claims

These five injuries are commonly seen in Missouri workers compensation claims.

In the world of workplace injuries, there are hundreds of possible ailments that are eligible for workers’ compensation. Of course, certain injuries happen more than others. The following are five of the most common injuries that result in workers compensation claims in Missouri.

St. Louis worker with sprained ankle

Strains and Sprains

The most common of all workplace injuries are sprains and strains. Any number of incidents can cause them, but the most common is lifting. It usually goes like this: A worker is tired from lifting for much of the day, they start to get weaker, they continue to lift despite their fatigue, and finally, they sprain or strain some part of their body. This can happen anywhere, but the most frequent areas are the back, neck, and shoulder. These injuries are not life-threatening, but they can be quite severe. Because of this, they are typically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Cuts and Punctures

In any profession that works with sharp objects, like a chef, cuts and punctures happen frequently. Additionally, any industry that features flying projectiles is prone to these types of injuries too. That includes professions like logging, manufacturing, and construction. Depending on the location and severity of the cut, a worker may miss only an hour of work, or they could be out of work permanently.


“Contusion” is another name for a bruise. Though, unlike the bruises we get in day to day life, workplace contusions can be debilitating injuries. They are frequently caused by slips, trips, falls, and falling objects. In some instances, the damages can be extensive. A contusion will likely not keep a person out of work for years, but the worst of them could take a few months to heal.


When most people picture a workplace injury, they often imagine an acute event. Often, though, damages take a long time to develop. Such is the case for inflammation, which is usually the result of extended stress. If you ever have an uncomfortable or painful feeling while at work, you should stop what you’re doing and investigate for inflammation.


The last of the common workers’ compensation claims is fractures, which is another name for bone breaks. Like contusions, fractures are most often caused by slips, trips, falls, and falling objects. Unlike bruises, fractures often take months or over a year to fully heal. If you happen to sustain a fracture at work, you will have an excellent chance of getting workers’ compensation benefits.

If you experience one of the injuries on this list, or any damage at all, you should do everything you can to support yourself. A critical step in doing so is investigating your potential to collect benefits. One of the best ways to find out if you are eligible or not is to talk to a St. Louis work injury attorney. Once you figure that out, you and your lawyer can start pursuing the compensation you need.

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Updated: September 19, 2018