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Top Causes for Workplace Injuries

Every year, workers are injured at their workplace in Missouri and suffer from workplace injuries.

causes-of-workplace-injuriesWhile some suffer only minor injuries that require minimal medical treatment, others suffer serious injuries that have life changing and debilitating implications. Whatever the severity of the injuries, workers compensation covers the cost of medical treatment and provides disability benefits in case the injuries are serious enough to render the worker incapable of returning to work.

Common Causes for Workplace Injuries

There could be several reasons for workplace injuries, such as slips, falls, or accidents. Some workplaces are by nature more risky than others, and people working in these professions are more prone to injuries. Some examples of such workplaces are construction sites, manufacturing units, commercial kitchens, retail, and health care.

Workplace injuries are not only caused in high-physical activity jobs, but they also occur in sedentary jobs. Repetitive and prolonged motion of a particular part of the body can also cause injuries. These injuries are known as repetitive stress injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome is a common example of such injuries. The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index has outlined common causes of workplace injuries.


Injuries resulting from intensive physical activity such as pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, or putting stress and strain on the body.

Slip and Fall

Falling to the same level because of slipping, stumbling, or tripping are common causes behind injuries.

Falling to a Lower Level

Injuries caused by falling from a height or level above.

Bodily Reactions

Some injuries occur not because of falling or slipping, but by the way the body reacts or moves, such as when a person twists or trips without falling.

Being Struck by Objects or Equipment

Such injuries occur when an object or equipment falls or hits a worker.

Vehicle Accidents

Many workplace injuries are caused by vehicle accidents such as the one involving a truck driver with another vehicle on the road.

Being Caught In or Compressed In a Machine

These injuries occur when a worker is run over by or trapped in a machine.

Struck Against an Object or Equipment

These injuries occur when the worker strikes against a stationary object or equipment such as a desk.

Repetitive Stress

Excessive use of a particular body part causes injuries such as herniated disc or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Workplace Violence

Violence that occurs at the workplace also leads to injuries.

The moment you have been injured at the workplace, report the injury to your supervisor or employer and file a workers compensation claim. Then contact The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (314) 361-4300 for a free consultation to understand your legal rights.

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Updated: January 17, 2016