What to Expect During Your Workers’ Compensation Hearing

Here’s are some things you need to know to be confident going into your Missouri workers’ compensation hearing.

Formal workers’ compensation hearings are often required in cases when your workers’ comp claim was denied, and you couldn’t reach a settlement with the insurance company outside of court. If you file an appeal, a judge may summon you for an in-person hearing. 

During your in-person hearing, you’re generally expected to present your case in front of the judge and convince them that you are, indeed, entitled to receive the benefits you filed for. 

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What Happens Before Your Hearing?

Before your in-person hearing, you will probably have to try negotiating a settlement with the insurer. This is done to ensure that only difficult cases get to court, and both parties find the easiest way to close the case.

If you’ve already gone through these steps, and the next stage is going in front of the judge, preparation is vital. 

Speak With a St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney

Having a St. Louis workers’ comp attorney legally representing you when you go to court is extremely helpful for your case. To be successful, you will need to organize and present the evidence you have convincingly. The other party involved will likely have teams of attorneys who specialize in such mitigations. 

Representing yourself in court might be detrimental to your case. An experienced attorney, on the other hand, can take over a big part of the procedures and preparations, which is a huge relief for someone who is still recovering from a work accident. 

What to Expect in Court

You will give your statements under oath after submitting all evidence to the judge. Certain procedures need to be followed precisely, which is why having an attorney is so important.

When giving a statement, you should be respectful and polite and present the events clearly and understandably. You might practice this with your attorney beforehand, which helps a lot, especially if you are in this situation for the first time. 

Both your lawyer and the insurance company’s lawyer will address questions (cross-examination), and it’s important to know the limits of what you can say in such a legal environment. When you’re not sure about something, you will likely be advised to say, “I don’t know.”

After your hearing, you can wait for the judge’s decision. This decision can also be appealed. As long as your evidence is irrefutable and an experienced workers’ comp lawyer represents you, you can be confident going into your hearing. 

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Updated: December 24, 2020