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Why Mental Health in the Workplace Should Be Taken Seriously

Mental wellness in the workplace should be a greater concern for everyone. Nearly 1 in 5 US adults has a mental illness according to the CDC. And considering 63% of all Americans are part of the workforce, it’s highly likely that many offices or work environments include people suffering from these conditions.

The problem is, mental health is still a taboo subject for many, who prefer to keep their symptoms quiet instead of asking for help. Even when Missouri worker’s comp can cover it.

Your Worker’s Comp Benefits Include Mental Health Services Too

If you work in Missouri, you can consider yourself fortunate. The state covers mental health treatment for workers who’ve developed mental health illnesses as a result of their work and don’t require a physical injury to be present either.

In other states, you can only receive treatment for a mental health illness if this condition is a result of a work physical-injury. Missouri, however, does not require this.

So if you’re dealing with emotional or mental issues caused by your work, it is your legal right to receive treatment through the worker’s comp program.

How Can My Work Cause a Mental Condition?

Many people believe mental illnesses are caused only because of exposure to traumatic events, but this is not always the case. Yes, nurses, paramedics, or caregivers, for instance, face traumatic events almost on a regular basis, and their exposure to it may result in a mental health condition, but they’re not the only ones at risk.

Your works environment influences your mind and emotions a lot more than you think, and you could develop or kickstart a mental condition if:

  • You are under constant stress or pressure
  • You work in a hostile work environment
  • You are bullied or mistreated at work
  • You are overworked and don’t have much time to sleep or for personal activities
  • You witness a traumatic event at work (like someone getting hurt)

Mental health is a complex subject, and you never know what can lead to it. However, what’s important here is that if you do work in an environment that’s taking a toll on your mental health, you should seek treatment right away.

Unfortunately, reality shows that’s not the case. Only 57% of employees with moderate depression and 40% with severe depression go on to receive treatment. But if you need support in filing a claim, a St. Louis worker’s comp lawyer can help.

Speak With An Experienced Workers Comp Attorney

Workers’ comp claims that involve mental health conditions can be difficult because it’s harder to show a direct link between your work and your condition. However, it’s not impossible, and an experienced attorney can help you win. Reach out to a St. Louis worker’s compensation lawyer now for export support in filing and winning your compensation claim, and receive adequate treatment for your mental health condition.

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Updated: March 26, 2020