Why See a Doctor After Your Workplace Injury?

One of the best things you can do for both your health and your workers’ compensation case is see a doctor after a workplace injury.

why see a doctor after your workplace injury

When you get injured at work, there should be two things on your mind. The first is your health. No matter what, your top priority should be your well-being. The second is that there is a good chance you are entitled to workers’ compensation. The best thing you can do for both your health and your workers’ compensation case is see a doctor after a workplace injury. Not only will it ensure you get the medical supervision you need, but it will likely also strengthen your case. Later on, that medical assessment will be a very effective tool. Below, you’ll find out exactly what to do after a work injury.

When to See a Doctor

The best time to see a doctor is as soon as possible. If you wait to go to the doctor, your health may suffer, and your employer or insurance company may use that as evidence that your injury was not sustained at work. A workplace injury is not the time to be “tough” or quiet. You should get the help you need right away, even it doesn’t feel like a severe injury.

Which Doctor to See

The way Missouri law works is that your employer must pay for your medical supervision, but in turn, you must see the doctor they choose. This is generally a safe situation, however if you feel that you’re being taken advantage of, it is smart to explore other options. For a complex decision like this, it is best to discuss your options with a St. Louis workers compensation attorney.

Talking with the Doctor

When talking with the doctor, you should be sincere. That goes both ways. First, you don’t want to embellish your injuries. If your exaggerations are caught, it will severely weaken your workers’ compensation case. On the other hand, don’t exclude anything. You need to give the doctor every bit of relevant information so he or she can make an accurate assessment. If you are open and precise about your health concerns, it will pay off in the long run.

Why It Is so Important

The first piece of why it is so important is your health. Many complications come from trying to “tough out” injuries, self-medicating, or pushing your pain aside. If you do so, it will likely come back to haunt you. The second is your future workers’ compensation case, which will be strengthened by a prompt medical report right after your injury.

After a workplace injury, employees can be very disoriented and confused. Their natural inclination is often to deny help and address their problems on their own. This is a mistake. The first step after suffering an injury is to see a doctor right away, tell them exactly how you feel, and get a record of their assessment. Once that is all taken care of, you will be on your way to good health and prepared for a potential workers’ compensation claim.

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Updated: July 13, 2018