The Documents You Need for Your Workers’ Comp Claim

There are a number of documents that you should begin collecting from the moment you are injured on the job.

When you have a relatively dangerous job, you always know in the back of your mind that you might be the victim of a workplace injury. Still, you never think about it happening to you. Then, one day, it does. If you are ever injured at work, your first action should be to obtain necessary medical attention. For a severe injury, that might be a trip to the hospital. For minor injuries, that could instead be simple first aid. If it has not already been reported to your employer or supervisor, it is important that you report your injury. From there, you can start to compile all of the documents you will need for your claim.

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Notice of Injury

As we mentioned, once you get proper medical assistance, your next step is reporting your accident to your employer. This does not mean you can just casually mention it and get on with your day, though. Missouri law requires employees to fill out a written statement detailing the date, time, nature of the injury, and more. To do this correctly, you need to report the injury as soon as possible and describe your injuries accurately. When you submit this document, make sure you get a copy for yourself.

Initial Medical Assessment

After reporting your injury, your next step is obtaining an initial medical assessment. Because of the nature of Missouri law, this will be done by a doctor that your employer chooses. When you’re at the doctor, give an honest analysis of your injuries. Both exaggerating and downplaying an injury are both bad for your case, so it is best to be completely open and truthful. After talking with you and doing some tests, the doctor will report on your health. You should obtain a copy of this report.

Additional Medical Records

Your injury might send you to the doctor multiple times for further treatment and tests. If it does, be sure to get a copy of every relevant document and bill.

Proof of Lost Wages

Part of your compensation package could be payment for the time you missed work. These are called “lost wages,” and they should be compiled into one document. The way to put this together is usually straightforward. To make sure you get the calculation right, we recommend speaking with an experienced lawyer.

Additional Evidence

Some additional evidence may be worth compiling into a document. Examples of this are witness testimonies and photos of the scene of the accident. Hopefully, your claim will go through smoothly, but sometimes it does not. If that is the case, you will want to have your additional evidence prepared.

Sustaining an injury at work is a stressful experience, but you should work hard to keep your composure throughout the post-injury process. To make sure the entire case goes smoothly, it is best to consult with a St. Louis workers comp attorney. They will make sure you have all the needed documents and will help you out in a variety of others ways. These documents will help strengthen your initial claim and, if denied, will be useful in an appeal.

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Updated: July 24, 2018