Workers’ Comp Benefits You May Not Be Aware Of

Workers’ compensation provides benefits for workers who are injured on the job. missouri_workers_comp

Not every Missouri worker understands the extent of his or her rights. However, there are several specific rules that workers should be aware of. In addition to medical treatment and disability benefits, injured workers may be entitled to other types of compensation.

Scarring or Disfigurement

In Missouri certain types of permanent injuries that cause disfigurement or scarring are compensable. However, it is important to note that not every disfiguring injury or injury that causes a scar automatically falls under this category. This specifically refers to scarring or disfigurement that happens to the head, neck, hands, or arms. This payment will be paid in addition to whatever benefits you have qualified for. The amount will be determined by either an administrative law judge or Division of Workers’ Compensation legal advisor. There are limitations placed on compensation for these injuries. If you have questions about how to get compensation for a disfigurement injury, contact a Missouri workers’ compensation attorney.

Travel Costs

Missouri law stipulates that you are only entitled to compensation for gas mileage or the cost of traveling to receive medical treatment if the treatment you require is outside of the local or metro area from your home or workplace. Because your employer determines what medical provider to you go to, it makes sense that if you are required to travel a significant distance to seek this care, you should generally be reimbursed for these costs. This rule is often subject to a limit of 500 miles round trip.

How are settlement awards determined?

There are different degrees of injury that are compensable to varying degrees. For instance, many injuries are easily treated with pain medication, rest, therapies, or even surgery. In these situations you would be compensated for time you spend away from work, but you will probably make a full recovery and be able to do your job once again.

An injury that results in a “permanent partial disability” might mean you are able to return to work but the injury has resulted in some permanent disability. In these instances your doctor and any other experts who are treated your condition will need to evaluate your injury and determine the extent of the disability it has caused. There are portions of workers’ compensation laws which provide formulas for evaluating injuries and determining a disability rating. The formula refers to the date of your injury, the weekly wage you received, and your disability rating. Once this has been completed, a settlement amount will be issued.

Missouri Work Comp

Accessing all of the compensation you are entitled to after you are injured in a workplace accident can be difficult. Many employees are not aware of some of the benefits they can get, or may not know how to obtain them. If you have been injured on the job in Missouri and have questions or need help getting the benefits you are entitled to, it would benefit you to contact an experienced St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney.

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Updated: August 16, 2016