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Back Injuries At Work: Types of Spinal Injuries


A Workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in properly filing a claim. Work Related Spinal Injury

Injuries to the back and spine can be incredibly painful. Some are more serious than others and require extensive treatment, while others respond well to rest and other conservative treatment methods. If you experience a back/spinal injury while at work, notify your employer of the injury and see a doctor as soon as possible. Your injury can worsen over time and become even more painful if you do not receive timely treatment.

Several types of work related injuries to the spine:

  • Compression fracture. A compression fracture can result from a trauma but it can also be caused by a weakening of the vertebra. Experiencing this injury at work might be the result of a fall or or other traumatic incident. Treatment can include pain medication, a back brace, or surgery.
  • Fracture spinal process/vertebral fracture. This is a painful injury but it usually does not require extensive treatment. Fracturing the spinal process can occur with strenuous activities or accidents. With rest, the injury will usually heal itself in several months.
  • Lumbar sprain and strain. Spraining the soft tissues of the para-vertebrae are the most common types of spinal injury. This is usually a less serious injury and can be treated with rest, medication, stretching, and ice application.
  • Disc protrusion. When there is a rupture to the intervertebral disc it can put pressure on the nerves that give sensation to the legs. This can result in significant pain. These injuries are commonly caused by twisting, lifting, and falls.

Back injuries at work are fairly common. Most people experience back pain in their lifetime. Some of this can be alleviated by changing the way that you do things, and it may be as simple as posture modification. But spinal injuries also have the potential to be extremely painful and may not resolve on their own. It is important to get an accurate diagnosis for your injury so that you can follow the treatment plan that will help mitigate the pain you experience and help you to heal as quickly as possible.

Because spinal injuries can be painful and debilitating, you may have to take time off of work. This is especially true if you perform repetitive or strenuous tasks at work.

You may want to seek the legal advice of a workers’ compensation attorney if it looks as if you may have a complicated case. A Workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in properly filing a claim, streamlining the process and helping you to get your benefits as soon as possible. If you are injured on the job you are entitled to workers’ comp benefits, yet insurance companies will sometimes deny claims, citing previous conditions or maintaining that your injury is not work-related. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help to make sure you get benefits or a settlement that is suitable for your case and will enable you to get the medical treatment you need.

What to do if you injure your spine at work:

With workers’ compensation claims, it is always important to document the process of getting your injury treated. Initially, notify your employer of your injury and then seek medical attention. You may have to see a doctor chosen by your employer at first, but you should be able to get a second opinion if needed after a certain amount of time. Your doctor’s diagnosis will be important in making a successful claim.

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Updated: September 7, 2016
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