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Be Careful What You Post: How Social Media Can Affect Work Comp Claims

Insurance companies actively look for ways to minimize their liability and keep you from getting your work comp benefits.

If you filed a claim for workers compensation, then you should be careful about what you post on social media during your recovery. The insurance company may try to use your online activity as a proof that you don’t really need the money you asked for your injuries.

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This is one-way insurance companies ensure they are making a profit; they actively seek ways to minimize their liability. If you post a photo on social media that shows you were having a “good time” while you were supposed to be recovering from your work injuries, you could be at risk of losing your benefits.

Discuss this matter with your St. Louis work injury attorney. Your lawyer will likely advise you to take a break from social media, blogging, and sharing personal information online. Don’t assume that if your account is private, then you are safe from harm. It’s not unusual for insurance agents to create fake profiles and “spy” on your online activity. Unless you know for sure that every person in your friends’ list is someone you know personally, it’s risky to post updates.

Types of Posts That Can Hurt You

If you think that only posting details of your case can hurt your eligibility, then you should think again. Here are some examples of social media posts that can be used against you.

First of all, as mentioned, do not post anything related to your workers compensation claim. As a general rule, you shouldn’t talk about any ongoing trial or lawsuit that you have.

Posting photos or videos, even ones that you aren’t part of, can also hurt you. If the insurance company finds a way of presenting your posts as contradictory to your injuries, then they might use that to attack the validity of your claim.

Commenting on other posts can also be used against you. Insurance companies go to extreme lengths to get their hands on any piece of information that can save them money and lessen your claim.

Posts that show you or talk about you partying and drinking, traveling, or participating in sports, can easily be used against you, but theses are not the only ones to be avoided. There have been cases where compensation was asked for emotional damage as well, but it was denied because the plaintiff was seen smiling in a picture.

The bottom line is: instead of stressing over how risky a post would be, just don’t post anything while the trial is ongoing. Tell your friends personally that they can find you on your phone and take a break from the online world. Also, you may want to ask them not to tag you in their photos.

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Updated: March 20, 2020