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Car Accident Statistics

Finding an experienced attorney will protect you and your family, your finances and property. Missouri Car Accident Lawyer

Every driver should be aware of car accident statistics. Sharing the road is a dangerous experience and accidents happen frequently. Many people do not realize just how prevalent car accidents are. Being aware of the statistics can make you a better driver, more aware of common mistakes that other drivers make.

Every year the number of vehicles on the road increases, making the roads more congested and the possibility of accidents greater. Each car on the road can be unpredictable. Many accidents are caused by distracted drivers, negligent drivers, intoxicated drivers, or other circumstances that are beyond your control. While you can follow the rules of the road and drive carefully, defensively, and with awareness of your surroundings, accidents are not always avoidable. Every year there are approximately 6 million car accidents in the United States. Drivers’ ages, the location of the accident, deaths, injuries, whether there was reckless or distracted driving, and many other elements need to be taken into consideration when accidents are evaluated.

Distracted driving due to texting has become so common that many states have passed legislation banning texting while driving.

Some statistics that are worth looking at:

  • An average of 6 million car accidents happen annually
  • 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents
  • Approximately 2 million people suffer permanent injuries each year resulting from car accidents
  • 40,000 people die each year from driving accidents
  • 40% of car accident fatalities involve alcohol
  • 30% of auto accident fatalities are caused by speeding
  • About 33% of deaths caused by major car accidents can be attributed to reckless driving

These statistics show that there are certain behaviors that should obviously be avoided in order to decrease the likelihood of getting in an accident. Accidents are almost always unexpected and drivers should have a plan.

Because the aftermath of a car accident often involves financial struggles and physical injuries, it is important to contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible following an accident. Maximizing damages is important and protecting your case right from the start is also important. Getting a police report, documenting physical injuries and vehicle damage, and making sure to write down any information or details you remember about the accident, can be crucial to your case.

If you have experienced a car accident, especially if the other driver is at fault, contact an auto accident attorney right away. An experienced auto accident attorney can help to alleviate the stress you feel and allow you to focus on your family and recovering from emotional or physical injuries and moving forward with your life.

Over a period of 5 years, 25% of drivers can expect to be in a car accident, large or small. Avoid accidents by driving safely, practicing defensive driving techniques, never driving while intoxicated, fatigued, or while distracted, but be prepared in case you ever are involved in an accident. Know that you should call the police and file a police report, talk to witnesses and get their contact information, make note of details about the accident, and contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Finding an experienced attorney will protect you and your family, your finances and property.

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Updated: April 26, 2013