Dealing with Workplace Retaliation: What Are Your Rights?

An employer cannot legally take action against you unless they have reasons that are unrelated to your claim.

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Getting injured at work is a painful experience on its own. You have to deal with the injury itself, lifestyle changes that may come from it, and the complicated process of obtaining workers’ compensation. What can make things even worse is when your employer, rather than being fair and understanding, decides to retaliate. This can come in many forms, but all of them involve you. The best way to fight this is by having a St. Louis workers compensation attorney and understanding the ins and outs of workplace retaliation.

What Is It?

Employer retaliation is a blanket term for actions taken by employers to punish workers who conduct a legal action that the employer does not like. A typical example of one of those legal actions is making a workers’ compensation claim. Examples of retaliation include:

  • demotion
  • termination
  • reduction in pay
  • or any other kind of punishment

Am I Protected?

State laws vary through the US, but both federal law and Missouri law protect from retaliation. Simply put: An employer cannot legally take action against you unless they have reasons that are unrelated to your claim.

Common Clues

Common clues for employer retaliation include them taking immediate adverse action after a claim is made, trying to convince you not to make a claim at all, or having a medical professional try to coerce you into not reporting the severity of your injury.

How to Prevent It

An injury can happen to even the most careful employees. When it does, you can prevent retaliation by reacting quickly and responsibly. The first thing you should do once you are not in severe danger is report the incident to your employer. Next, you should receive an immediate medical assessment. Third, you should hire a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer to compile evidence and strengthen your claim.

What to Do About It

Though we recommend getting an attorney right away, you will definitely need one if you are retaliated against. If you experience retaliation, or if you even suspect that retaliation might take place, you should hire a lawyer. Doing so will strengthen your case, give you an experienced professional to fight by your side, and make your company think twice about sticking by their decision.

Just when you think your workplace injury couldn’t get any worse, your employer might retaliate. That could mean improper treatment or even termination. You can lessen the chance of being a victim of this through educating yourself and preparing for retaliation with the help of a St. Louis work injury lawyer. You should not be mistreated by your employer, and with the help of a solid legal plan, you won’t be.

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Updated: December 17, 2019