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Determining Liability In A Car Accident

Finding a car accident attorney as soon as possible will help to protect your rights and to protect your case.

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Determining liability in a car accident can be tricky. The accident may not just be one person’s fault, or the situation may be more complicated. A personal injury attorney specializes in making sure your rights are protected and in getting you the compensation that you deserve. Finding a car accident attorney as soon as possible will help to protect your rights and to protect your case.

Accidents can happen because both drivers are inattentive or careless, but usually it is possible to determine degrees of liability and whose actions contributed more to causing the accident. Even if there is shared fault, whoever is more responsible will usually be required to pay damages to the other party.

Comparative Negligence

The standard of comparative negligence states that if your carelessness was a contributing factor to the accident as well, the damages that you can ask for may be decreased. Yet you should still be able to seek some compensation from the other party if their behavior contributed to causing the accident, even if your actions were partially to blame.

The amount of damages you can ask for or be awarded is determined by the percentage of liability. Consulting with a personal injury attorney at this stage of the game is important because you will also have to meet with an insurance claim adjuster to have a discussion in order to determine the percentage of liability. There is no formula that is applicable across the board and percentage of liability needs to be determined in every case where one party is not 100% responsible for causing the accident. The medical bills you have and the severity of your injury will play into deciding how much your claim is worth and what damages you can reasonably ask for. Personal injury attorneys will have significant experience in understanding these claims, and their expertise will give you peace of mind that you are getting the compensation that you deserve following a car accident.

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Updated: December 29, 2015