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Electrical Site Workers: Why They’re at Higher Risk for Job Accidents


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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data for May 2020, there were approximately 418,100 workers employed in the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution sector in the United States. However, onsite workers on the frontline are the most at risk of job accidents. They’re at a greater risk of these accidents than employees in most other areas of the economy.

Here are some reasons why working as an electrical site worker is a riskier job than other occupations safety-wise.

Exposure to Electricity

Electrical onsite workers have first-hand exposure to electricity. These hardworking men and women are almost in direct contact with electricity, with their only protection being the PPE they wear. Electrical onsite workers mainly deal with live electricity, sometimes daily. The more your exposure to electricity, the greater your risk of electric shock, electrocution, and electric burns.

Hazardous Work Environment

Onsite workers in the electricity industry sometimes work in the most demanding
environments for proper electricity distribution. When distributing electricity, they must work on ongoing construction sites, power plants, industrial sites, and remote regions. These are all risky environments with multiple potentials, slips, trips, and falls. Some workers are also exposed to toxic chemicals and extreme temperatures and sometimes have to work in confined spaces.

Use of Complex Machinery and Equipment

Electrical workers utilize various complex machinery and equipment to get work done. Operating this equipment requires extensive training owing to its inherent complications. A lack of training and improper use of machinery and equipment could lead to dangerous machine malfunctions and equipment-related injuries.

Work Site Hazards

Electricity distribution is one of the most challenging aspects of on-site electrical work. Workers sometimes work in challenging environments that risk their health and safety.

For instance, onsite workers have to work outside and are directly exposed to harsh weather like intense sunlight, heavy rain, and freezing snow. The stress from extreme heat could lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. While working in the rain and snow puts you at risk of frostbite.

Significant Risk of Arc Flashes and Explosions

Working with electricity every day could expose onsite electricity workers to arc flashes. Arc flashes are brilliant flashes of electricity that cause burns and blast injuries. In some cases, the electricians work in explosion-prone areas like industries with explosive chemicals and near gasoline tanks. By working in such areas, they put their safety and lives at risk.

Workers’ Compensation for Electrical On-Site Workers

While safety hazards are part and parcel of working in the electricity industry, you don’t have to strain your finances after a work-related injury or illness. With workers’ compensation insurance, you can receive benefits from your employer to cover medical expenses and lost wages after a work-related injury.

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Updated: June 26, 2023
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