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Harsher Punishments For Texting and Driving


Using a cellphone while in the car is one of the leading causes for distracted driving accidents.

distracted texting while drivingDistracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents, and cracking down on distracted driving has become a priority in many states. Currently in Virginia harsher punishments are being enacted for the offense of texting while driving. Texting while driving is extremely dangerous, and provides a substantial distraction for drivers, and has has been proved time and time again to end in disaster.

Previously in Virginia, texting while driving was a secondary offense. Getting caught texting and driving would result in a fine of $20. But a new law making texting while driving a primary offense passed the senate with a vote of 24-15 and the House with a vote of 92-4. Now if you are pulled over for texting and driving the penalties are much greater – $250 for a first time offender and if you are caught a second time, the fine doubles to $500.

Recognizing the dangers of texting and driving is important. Taking the right steps to put a stop to dangerous behaviors that can and do potentially result in very serious consequences is crucial in teaching people to be safe drivers and to drive with care and caution. In 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that over 3,000 individuals were killed in distracted driving incidents.

Using a cellphone while in the car is one of the leading causes for distracted driving accidents. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute did a study showing that each time a person glances down to read a text message, their eyes leave the road for about 4.6 seconds. When driving at a speed of 55 MPH this is the equivalent of traveling the length of a football field without looking at the road. In those few seconds, with that much speed, the potential for serious damage if something happens is immense. A crash could easily be fatal for all those involved. Hopefully, the new laws will make people more concerned with their own behavior and more aware of their habits regarding distracted driving.

The numbers of distracted drivers are high, but enacting bigger fines and harsher punishments will hopefully help to bring these numbers down, diminishing the number of distracted driving accidents and deaths as well. Many states already have similar laws regarding texting and have gotten positive results.

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Distracted driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or driving while fatigued. If you or a loved one has been in an accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, or distraction, contact a car accident attorney right away. Injury or death caused by a distracted driver is tragic and unacceptable. A car accident lawyer can help you to get the compensation that can help to cope with the loss or recovery from injuries.

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Updated: March 28, 2016
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