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How Carpal Tunnel and Other Wear and Tear Injuries are Covered


Don’t wait until the injury is severe enough that you can no longer work before telling your boss.

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Workers’ compensation is typically thought of as a type of insurance that compensates a worker who is in an accident and injured. However, there are other ways that you can be injured while on the job. Certain types of jobs require repetitive motions and actions that can lead to wear and tear injuries. Over time, things like working on the computer for long hours can lead to carpal tunnel, and heavy lifting can lead to back injuries.

But if your work-related injury isn’t related to a specific incident, is it still covered under workers’ compensation benefits?

Understanding Wear and Tear Injuries

Wear and tear injuries are the type that you sustain over a period of time, and they are directly related to the activities that you perform on a daily basis as a function of your job. Although they don’t stem from one single incident, they are covered under workers’ compensation. The biggest problem with wear and tear injuries is that it can be harder to prove causation, which is why it might be necessary for you to hire a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer to help you through the complexity of filing a claim for your injury in Missouri.

Steps to Take Towards Making Your Claim

If you do sustain a wear and tear injury, it is imperative that you notify your supervisor or employer immediately. Don’t wait until the injury is severe enough that you can no longer work. You need to let your employer know at the first sign of trouble, get the proper medical documentation, and lay the groundwork to get the rehabilitation and compensation that you deserve.

If you are experiencing pain or injury from repetitive motions that you do daily at work, then it is critical that you go to the doctor and have a diagnosis to prove that your injuries are both real and related to your work-related activities. Proving that your injuries are specifically caused by what you do at work and under the scope of your employment is integral to being compensated for them.

Once you notify your employer, they will have to file a claim for workers’ compensation, and you will also have to make a claim. During the claims process, you will need to have the proper documentation in place to prove your case, which is where a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney can help you most.

Proof the Injury is Work-Related

Although they are not related to one specific accident or injury, there are times when the activities that you do repetitively at work can be to blame for your long-term injuries. They are usually covered under workers’ compensation, but you have to have the right documentation, make a claim at the appropriate time, and have the proof that it was work-related behaviors that directly led to your injuries in order to have them covered. Since wear and tear injuries are much harder to prove and can be life-altering, it is a good idea for you to have a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer in your corner to plead your case.

Ask a Work Injury Attorney

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Updated: January 25, 2018
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