Jeff City Legislatures Want COVID Liability Protection for Business Owners

We should be talking about expanding the definition of first responders to include the true COVID first responders.

A small group of republican legislatures is alleging that businesses are afraid to open due to lawsuits if someone gets COVID. However, this is nonsense.

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Governor Parson issued an executive order creating liability for first responders diagnosed with COVID. Think about that. The governor of Missouri, a staunch republican, creates liability by executive order while others in Jeff City say that liability protection is needed.

Without the presumption that COVID came from work, it is impossible to prove where it was contracted. Why do we need laws limiting liability for something so tough to prove that the governor had to issue an EO creating liability? Nobody can say when and where he/she contracted Covid. Some people can say, “I truly believe it came from X because I am always careful,” but from what some scientists say, COVID floats in the air for a while and can enter your body through the eye. It is unlikely that any doctor will state their opinion on when and where it was contracted. Business owners don’t need protection from something that can’t be proven.

99% of COVID cases are 2 weeks of missed work. Another reason why lawyers do not want COVID cases. The names of the business owners who are allegedly afraid to open due to lawsuits were never mentioned. Chances are, these legislatures were contacted by insurance companies pushing for even more protection laws.

COVID in the Workplace

The COVID calls I get are employees of places like nursing homes where staff can’t be cut back. Yes, the employees are scared. They don’t want to lose their jobs in this economy. Some are just scared about being forced to work amongst the COVID. Others contracted COVID and were off for 2 weeks. Others were forced to work even after being diagnosed with COVID.

The Real Issue

We should be talking about expanding the definition of first responders to include the true COVID first responders: doctors, nurses, aides, nursing home workers, and others required by the employer to work near patients, nursing home residents, and mentally handicapped.

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Updated: December 17, 2020