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Obtaining Workers Compensation for Skin Conditions


Whether you develop a skin condition based off of an acute event or long-term exposure, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Though skin conditions generally affect the surface of your body, their consequences can be as severe or worse than deeper injuries. In some cases, such as melanoma, these damages can be lethal. For this reason, those that experience skin related work injuries should always speak with a St. Louis work injury attorney and explore their compensation options. Here is what you need to know.

missouri worker with skin condition

Common Conditions

The following are a few of the most common skin conditions caused by workplace factors.

Dermatitis – This condition is characterized by skin inflammation. In many cases, it leads to blisters and redness. It usually comes about due to chemical exposure.

Hives – This issue is a skin rash that most commonly affects those with allergies. People that experience extreme workplace conditions can experience them too.

Skin Cancer – Extended exposure to stressors like sunlight can cause skin cancer, which is often deadly.

Typical Causes

Though skin conditions came come about due to a variety of factors, the following four are the most common.

Chemical Agents – Those that work in a profession like industrial cleaning come into contact with harmful chemicals throughout their day. Doing so can lead to a range of symptoms from irritation to third-degree burns.

Mechanical Trauma – This type of cause refers to physical accidents such as cuts and bruises. Machinery, tools, and falls usually cause these damages.

Physical Agents – If you work outside, you are at risk of physical agents harming you. The most common of them are fire, weather, the sun, and UV radiation. Each of them has their own consequences, which include burns, frostbite, skin cancer, and more.

Biological Agents – Another category that can harm your skin is biological agents like bacteria, viruses, and bugs carrying disease.

Proving Your Case

The critical factor in your skin related workers’ compensation case is proving that it is the result of work. While doing so is relatively simple in the context of mechanical trauma, it isn’t always so easy. An example is skin cancer. If you contract it due to extended exposure to the sun, your employer may claim that your workplace was not directly to blame. For this reason, you should talk to an attorney to collaborate on a legal strategy.

Obtaining Compensation

The process for obtaining compensation should be relatively straightforward. If your injury happened at work and inhibits your ability to do your job, you will be eligible. The general process of getting your benefits is as follows.

  • Report your injury
  • See a doctor
  • Speak with a workers compensation attorney
  • Decide on a compensation target
  • Negotiate until you are satisfied with the results

Whether you develop a skin condition based off of an acute event or long-term exposure, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Your best bet at finding out is speaking with an experienced attorney. When you do, you’ll have a much better idea of what your chances are of obtaining benefits.

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Updated: October 15, 2018
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