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Preventing Workplace Amputations: Simple Tips for a Safer Work Environment

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Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen, and amputation is a real risk. This is particularly common in high-risk industries like construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. However, simple steps can be taken to prevent amputations from happening in any workplace.

This article will discuss a few simple tips that can be used across different industries to help keep workers safe and avoid devastating injuries. With these tips in mind, you can reduce the risk of amputations and keep your workplace environment safe.

Inspect Equipment Before Each Use

One of the simplest ways to prevent amputations is by inspecting your equipment before each use. Ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and that all the safety features are in place. Check for worn-out or broken parts that could cause the equipment to malfunction. If you notice any issues, report them to your supervisor immediately. Don’t use the equipment until it has been repaired.

Don’t Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

Wearing loose-fitting clothing while operating equipment could pose a hazard to your safety. Loose clothing could get caught in moving parts of the equipment and cause serious injury. Therefore, ensure that you wear proper protective clothing that fits snugly and is appropriate for the task.

Don’t Bypass Safeguards

Safety devices like guards and shields are put in place to protect you from injury. However, it’s all too common for workers to bypass these safeguards, thinking they’ll be able to get their work done more quickly or easily. This dangerous mistake can lead to amputations and other serious injuries. Always use the safety devices provided, even if it might slow you down.

Don’t Hurry or Take Shortcuts

When you’re under pressure to get the job done, hurrying or taking shortcuts can be tempting. However, this only increases the risk of an accident. Always take your time, follow all the safety procedures provided, and avoid shortcuts that could put you or others at risk.

Keep a Safe Distance Away from Moving or Sharp Parts of the Equipment

Accidents happen when workers get too close to moving equipment parts, and their clothing or limbs get caught. Ensure you maintain a safe distance away from moving parts of the equipment. This will give you plenty of space to react if something goes wrong and prevent you from getting too close to dangerous machinery parts.

St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyers

If you suffer an amputation injury, you’ll likely incur medical expenses, be forced to take some time off work to recuperate, and even risk losing your income. All this can leave you stranded and confused about the steps to take. We’re here to tell you you don’t have to suffer in silence. You can file a workers’ compensation claim and seek compensation for your losses.

The Law Office of James. M. Hoffman has over 30 years of experience and can help you navigate the workers’ compensation process. From assisting you in filing the work-injury claim to collecting relevant evidence to support your case, our St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Updated: March 6, 2023