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St. Louis Workers Compensation for Entertainers and Live Performers


Entertainers and live performers can suffer from a wide variety of work-related accidents.

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Live performances are always entertaining, but the performers often take huge risks while they do their acts. The acrobat could fall from the trapeze, the motorbike stunt man could easily have an accident. It’s this risk that adds to the thrill of live entertainment. Usually, all goes well; it’s a well-rehearsed show and many of the nail biting moments are carefully planned, added in for dramatic effect. But, things do go wrong once in a while.

Entertainers and live performers make up a large group of very different people. From actors and musicians to artists and craft demonstrators. This means there is a wide variety of work-related accidents that could happen too.

Common Work-Related Accidents

Slips and falls are common. From the stage or from scaffolding, dancers, musicians and actors are all prone to take a tumble. Sometimes they can simply get up and carry on, but occasionally the damage is more serious. Falls can also occur on a flat surface. It’s easy to trip or slip at a venue or an outdoor event. Moving objects can also cause accidents. This could be something thrown as part of the act, or even by someone in the crowd.

There is always loud music playing. This can cause damage to the ear drums. This can occur dramatically during one event, or it could build up over time leaving the person with tinnitus or a burst ear drum.

Crushing accidents are also common, especially when there is a lot of equipment in the performance area, or when setting up or taking down stage equipment. There could also be injuries arising from the use of motorized equipment such as fork lift trucks.

Then there are the long term injuries that are less dramatic, but can be even harder to live with. The backache, the damage to the knees. When you regularly work performing, it can really take its toll on your body.

Workers Compensation for Live Entertainers

Generally, most employers will have the proper insurance that would cover you if you were to be injured at work. However, according to St Louis workers injury lawyer, this often isn’t the case when it comes to live performers and entertainers. This is due to the fact that many people who you would regard as your employer, actually are independent contractors. This means that they don’t have legal requirement to purchase workers compensation insurance that would cover workplace injuries and illnesses.

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Updated: June 16, 2017
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