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Common Injuries Covered Under Missouri Workers’ Compensation


Explore common injuries covered by Missouri Workers’ Comp and understand your right to get the support you need after a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation in Missouri is designed to provide relief and support to employees who have suffered work-related injuries. This system ensures that workers receive medical care and financial assistance during recovery. The Law … Read more

Is There a Link Between Firefighting and Cancer?

missouri firefighter in front of truck

Firefighters are often exposed to hazardous smoke and chemicals. This puts them at a high risk of developing cancer. According to the CDC, firefighters are at a higher risk of cancer than the general population. This is because they’re continually exposed to hazardous smoke and chemicals, which can cause cancer.  Below we take a closer look … Read more

Updated: May 14, 2024

Occupational Hazards Facing Pest Control Workers in Missouri

st. louis pest control worker

Pest exterminators are often exposed to physical, ergonomic, chemical, and biological hazards that could adversely affect them, resulting in injuries or death. While some jobs are generally safe, others are quite dangerous, such as pest control. Pest exterminators are constantly exposed to physical, ergonomic, chemical, and biological hazards that could adversely affect them and cause … Read more

Updated: December 9, 2021

6 Life-Threatening Injuries Caused by On-Going Lead Exposure at Work

lead hazard sign

Lead poisoning may result in severe health complications and even death in the workplace. Unless you’ve been affected by it or know someone who has, lead poisoning is probably not something that crosses your mind often. Yet, lead poisoning is a common cause of health complications and even death in the workplace, especially in industries … Read more

Updated: November 11, 2021

Baker’s Asthma: How To Recognize the Symptoms and What To Do

st. louis man working as a baker

Daily exposure for a prolonged period to irritants can increase the risks of developing occupational asthma. When you think about the possible injuries you might suffer as a baker, asthma likely isn’t the first thought that comes to mind. Burns and cuts, yes, but a respiratory disease in an environment safe from chemicals may not … Read more

Updated: June 4, 2021

4 Occupational Lung Diseases Generally Covered by Workers Compensation

Lung disease is one of the most deadly occupational illnesses around, and they are prevalent in several different types of employment where the worker comes into contact with chemicals. Occupational illnesses are defined as conditions you may suffer from as a direct result of your work, usually because of exposure to a physical, chemical, or … Read more

Updated: August 25, 2020