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Do Lung Problems Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

workers compensation for lung problems

Workers’ compensation covers work-related lung problems caused by exposure to harmful substances, including occupational asthma, COPD, and silicosis. Many workers are exposed to toxic gasses and air pollutants that may compromise their lung health. The respiratory system is crucial for the proper functioning of the body, and lung issues may compromise the worker’s capacity to … Read more

6 Jobs That Have a High Risk of Lung Diseases

missouri firefighter

Occupation lung diseases often result from repeated and long-term exposure to harmful substances and can occur in various occupations. Occupational lung diseases rank among the most common work-related illnesses. These illnesses often result from repeated and long-term exposure to harmful substances and can occur in just about any occupation or industry. Let’s take a closer … Read more

Updated: December 17, 2021

How to Manage Work-Related Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Human Respiratory System Lungs Anatomy

Over 16 million Americans have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and close to 160,000 Americans die every year due to the condition. Sadly, this condition can affect anyone, especially if they work in environments that expose them to harmful gases. Worse still, this condition has no cure, and workers suffering from it must generally use … Read more

Updated: February 6, 2024

Common Work-Related Respiratory Illnesses

man with work related respiratory illness

Respiratory and lung illnesses can have a huge impact on your quality of life and future if you suffer from a workplace injury. Fortunately, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation coverage in Missouri if you’ve suffered a lung or respiratory injury. Let’s discuss some common lung injuries sustained in the workplace and what you … Read more

Updated: April 15, 2021

4 Occupational Lung Diseases Generally Covered by Workers Compensation

Lung disease is one of the most deadly occupational illnesses around, and they are prevalent in several different types of employment where the worker comes into contact with chemicals. Occupational illnesses are defined as conditions you may suffer from as a direct result of your work, usually because of exposure to a physical, chemical, or … Read more

Updated: August 25, 2020

Workers Compensation for Work Smoke Inhalation Injuries

Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death related to fires. It’s a serious condition that has an incredibly negative impact on your health. It happens when you breathe in the products of combustion during a fire, which can either prevent oxygen from getting to your lungs or even poison your body with harmful … Read more