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“Can I Get in Trouble for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim in St. Louis?”

injured worker who has been fired

If you are injured on the job or have a chronic health condition due to your work, you are protected from retaliation. If you’ve recently been injured on the job and filed a workers’ compensation claim in St. Louis, you may be wondering if you can get in trouble with your employer for filing your … Read more

Updated: February 6, 2024

5 Subtle Signs Your Employer May Be Retaliating for Filing a Work Injury Report

St. Louis Workmens Comp Attorney

In some cases, workers are discouraged from filing a work injury report. Here are a few signs you may be facing workplace retaliation. If you are a Missouri worker, it is your right to file for worker’s compensation for a workplace injury or illness. Technically, this should not affect your job in any way, as … Read more

Updated: October 29, 2020

Can My Employer Lower My Pay After a Work Injury?

Because your job may be less demanding now and your workload lighter than what it used to be, your employer may also try to reduce your wage. Can they do that? The primary role of workers’ compensation is to help employees stay afloat while recovering from a work injury. In some cases, the doctor may … Read more

Updated: June 17, 2020

3 Tactics a Company May Use to Harass an Injured Worker

St. Louis Workmens Comp Attorney

For many injured workers, their problems get worse when they return to work. An employer or insurance company representative should never tell you not to file a claim for worker’s compensation. Legally, they should not sway a worker against claiming something that’s well within their rights. If this has happened to you, speak with an … Read more

Updated: November 8, 2019

Dealing with Workplace Retaliation: What Are Your Rights?

St. Louis Workmens Comp Attorney

An employer cannot legally take action against you unless they have reasons that are unrelated to your claim. Getting injured at work is a painful experience on its own. You have to deal with the injury itself, lifestyle changes that may come from it, and the complicated process of obtaining workers’ compensation. What can make … Read more

Updated: December 17, 2019