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3 Tactics a Company May Use to Harass an Injured Worker


For many injured workers, their problems get worse when they return to work.

St. Louis Workmens Comp Attorney

An employer or insurance company representative should never tell you not to file a claim for worker’s compensation. Legally, they should not sway a worker against claiming something that’s well within their rights. If this has happened to you, speak with an experienced work injury lawyer.

Sometimes filing a claim is the easy part. Unfortunately for some injured workers, the problems don’t stop there. In fact, they may start when they go back to work.

Here are 3 tactics companies can use to harass injured workers you need to watch out for:

Keep Changing Your Workload

Your employer cannot fire you because you got injured and had to take time off work. However, if the doctor clears you for light-duty, which means that even if you’re not 100% recovered you can still perform some work activities, then your employer may offer a temporary position that accommodates your condition.

Some times this offer is genuine and can allow you to work until you are fully recovered. Other times, workers may not be so fortunate. The employer may offer a modified job that keeps getting modified and, soon enough, you may end up with a workload that’s at least similar to the one you originally had before the injury.

Creating a Hostile Environment

Again, your employer cannot fire you. But you are free to quit your job, and the employer may be under the impression that it’s best you do. While they cannot do it themselves, they may try to create a more hostile environment to make you want to leave.

You may be scolded more often or your employer may have irrationally high standards when it comes to your job, but the same requirements do not apply to your colleagues.

Every Tiny Mistake Gets Blown out of Proportion

People make mistakes on the job; it’s unavoidable. But when even the tiniest of mistakes are made a big deal by the employer, they may be trying to fire you and make it seem like it was warranted.

An employee cannot be fired for getting injured and being on worker’s comp. However, if they are unable to perform the tasks required for them, then employers may think this is a work-around to fire the employee anyway. Thankfully, with the help of a lawyer, you can prove if you were illegally discharged and sue your employer for wrongful termination.

Speak With a Work Injury Attorney

Blatant or sneaky, it doesn’t matter. You should not be treated differently for filing a worker’s comp claim. It’s best to work closely with a St. Louis work accident lawyer throughout your case. They can offer the best legal advice relevant to you, and even prevent some of these tactics from being successful. Call us 24/7 at (314) 361-4300 for a FREE consultation.

Updated: November 8, 2019
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