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Workers Comp Pre Existing Condition

workers with back pain from a pre-existing condition

A pre-existing condition refers to an ailment or medical condition that you have been previously diagnosed with and/or treated for. In some instances, a pre-existing condition may be exacerbated by conditions in your workplace. Asthma symptoms may flare up more often if you are exposed to extremely high or low humidity, or arthritis pain may … Read more

Updated: December 6, 2022

The 5 Most Common Workplace Injuries That Lead to Workers’ Comp Claims in Missouri

St. Louis worker with sprained ankle

A workplace injury can create a major financial burden. According to OSHA, these are the five most common workplace injuries. Workers who are injured on the job in St. Louis are generally eligible to file workers’ compensation claims. With the help of an experienced St. Louis work injury attorney, you can work to get the … Read more

Updated: July 8, 2021

Should I Report “Minor” Work Injuries to My Employer?

St Louis Work Accident Lawyer

When it comes to work-related injuries, it’s important to always report your injuries, no matter how small they may seem. When you hear about work injury claims, you may imagine life-altering injuries or conditions that render a person unable to sustain themselves. While these claims are not an easy thing to go through, they aren’t … Read more

Updated: October 25, 2019

What You Can Do to Avoid Work Injuries This Fall Season

The following are some excellent guidelines for avoiding work injuries this fall season. It may surprise you that work injuries fluctuate depending on the season. Each time of year comes with its own set of safety tips. The following are some excellent guidelines for avoiding work injuries this fall season. Brush Up on Your Training … Read more

Updated: May 13, 2020

What If I’m Injured on My First Day of Work?

St Louis Work Accident Lawyer

You should be eligible for workers compensation benefits, even if it’s on your first day. One of the reasons that accidents are called “accidents” is because they can happen at any time. When you start in a new position or with a new company, you might get hurt at work the first day. In fact, … Read more

Updated: February 8, 2019

The Greatest Risks for Construction Workers – St Louis Work Injuries

Injured at work

Each year, thousands of Missouri construction workers are injured on the job. Tens of thousands of people are injured each year while working in the construction industry. While this is a massive figure, it probably comes as no surprise due to the nature of the business, it’s pretty high risk. Of course there are plenty … Read more

Updated: May 16, 2024