Making a Claim for Complications and Medication Side Effects


Being injured in any type of accident can sometimes cause a chain reaction of complications or side effects that will also need to be treated. This could be the case with a car accident, personal injury accident, or even in a work-related accident. In workers’ compensation claims this is known as a compensable consequence and … Read more

Updated: January 17, 2019

Workers Compensation for Public Safety Officers


The title of a public safety officer is worn by many different types of employees. The most obvious would be a police officer, but firefighters and paramedics are also included, as are security personnel and prison officers. With these types of jobs, the risk of being injured is obviously higher than most. In fact, as … Read more

Updated: November 11, 2019

Cosmetology and Workman’s Compensation Claims

Cosmetologists are exposed to a wide variety of workplace hazards that many people do not even realize. As an industry that includes hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians, and skin estheticians, there are risks that range from simple slip and falls to serious lung disease. Unfortunately, many of these workers are unaware or do not fully understand their … Read more

Updated: November 11, 2019

How Job Safety Training Affects Workman’s Compensation Benefits

st louis warehouse

In response to rising workman’s compensation insurance premiums, many companies have adopted safety training programs in an effort to keep the incidence of accidents to a minimum. In addition, insurance carriers will also offer special discounts to a business that has these programs in place. Workman’s compensation law dictates that if an employee knowingly violates … Read more

Updated: November 11, 2019

Workman’s Compensation Benefits for a Work Related Assault

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It is no secret that most work environments are very stressful.  Because different personality types are mixed together, it is a matter of course that there will be clashes and conflicts from time to time. In some instances, those conflicts may turn physical. Missouri does allow claims for workman’s compensation if an injury results from … Read more

Updated: November 9, 2022

Preventing a Crush Injury in the Workplace

In a work environment that involves heavy equipment or complicated machinery, crush injuries are one of the many hazards to employees. A crush injury occurs when a body part, usually a hand or an arm, is compressed to the point where blood flow is compromised. This will cause a serious and sometimes fatal injury to … Read more

Updated: December 19, 2013