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Temporary or Partial Workers’ Comp Award: Slip and Fall Knee Injury

In a recent workers’ compensation case, an employee faced an accident while performing routine duties. As they loaded a bobcat onto a trailer, an unfortunate slip led to a fall incident led to them injuring their left knee.

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common workplace incidents, often leading to various injuries, with knee injuries particularly prevalent. When subjected to sudden trauma, the knee, a complex joint responsible for multiple movements, is vulnerable to strains, sprains, fractures, and dislocations. Within the work environment, slippery surfaces, uneven grounds, and even cluttered areas can become potential hazards, setting the stage for a fall. When the knee bears the brunt of the impact, it results in immediate pain and swelling and can lead to longer-term complications such as torn ligaments or cartilage damage. Such injuries can significantly hinder an individual’s mobility and may require extensive medical intervention, including physiotherapy or even surgery.

Temporary or Partial Workers’ Compensation Award Summary

Employee: C.V.
Employer: M.J.E., LLC
Insurer: S.I.C.A.
Hearing Date: May 24, 2023

Key Findings:

  • Benefits awarded: Yes.
  • Compensable injury/disease under Chapter 287: Yes.
  • Accident or occupational disease occurrence: Yes.
  • Date of Incident: December 11, 2019.
  • Incident Location: St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Was the employee working for the employer during the incident? Yes.
  • Proper notice given to the employer: Yes.
  • Was the incident related to employment? Yes.
  • Compensation claim timely filed: Yes.
  • Employer’s insurance status: Insured.

The employee was loading a bobcat onto a trailer when a slip and fall occurred, injuring the left knee.

Compensation Details:

  • Total for temporary disability paid to date: $51,045.80.
  • Medical aid by employer/insurer to date: $35,772.64.
  • Average weekly wages of the employee: $1,621.59.
  • Weekly compensation rate: 981.65 TTD/$514.20 PPD.

Total Compensation Payable:

  • Temporary total disability benefits for 112 2/7 weeks: $110,225.26.
  • Reasonable costs and expenses: $10,747.15.
  • Total Amount: $120,972.41.

Other Details:

  • The award is temporary and may be subject to modification.
  • Compliance is crucial; non-compliance may lead to doubling the award.
  • A 25% lien applies to the awarded compensation for attorney fees for necessary legal services attributed to attorney J.M.H.

In the landscape of workplace accidents, slip and fall incidents, particularly those leading to knee injuries, stand out as a stark reminder of the importance of safety precautions. The ramifications of a knee injury can be extensive, impacting not just an individual’s immediate well-being but also their long-term health, financial stability, and quality of life. While accidents can happen in even the most vigilant environments, proper maintenance, training, and awareness can prevent many slip-and-fall incidents.

St. Louis Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Slip and fall incidents, though seemingly straightforward, often involve intricate legal nuances when pursuing compensation for injuries. A Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer specializes in these specific personal injury cases, adeptly navigating the complexities of establishing negligence and liability.

At the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann, we understand that such accidents can have long-term physical and emotional consequences for victims, from debilitating fractures to mounting medical bills. Using our legal acumen and investigative skills, we meticulously piece together the events leading to the incident, aiming to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Updated: August 17, 2023