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The workers comp doctor has cleared you for light duty work, what are your rights under the MO workers compensation law?

Light duty work restrictions

The workers’ compensation process typically involves the MO Division of Workers Compensation, an insurance company, your employer, and a physician. At the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann, we have helped thousands of clients through the complicated workers’ compensation process. This includes helping you understand what your rights are when the doctor puts you on “light duty” work restrictions.

Light Duty Work

If you have been injured at work and are going through the workers’ compensation claims process, light duty work restrictions may be issued if you are unable to do your normal work duties but are able to perform work that is less physically demanding. There are several factors that come into play with this type of work restriction.

If the doctor has told you that you have not reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) but has reviewed the job requirements for light duty and has approved it, it is important that you show up for work. Even if you’re still in pain and you’re still being treated for your injury, failing to show up for work would likely terminate your workers’ comp benefits. However, you can refuse work that is not within the doctor restrictions.

If you have been placed under work restrictions, but the doctor has not reviewed the light duty job requirements but your employer is trying to get you to come back to some “other” type of work, this is not acceptable. If you are under job restrictions, then you have the right to have the doctor review and approve the requirements before you return to work.

Once those requirements are reviewed by the doctor and approved, it’s important that you return to work and give it your best try. If you feel that the light duty work is still too much, then you would need to make another appointment with the doctor and explain verbally and in writing, why you think it’s hurting you. You can refuse work that is not within the doctor restrictions. Be sure to give the letter to your boss confirming what happened, date it and keep copies!!!

In many cases though, the light duty work is acceptable and you are able to perform the newly assigned tasks.

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