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When Should You Consult a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?


st-louis-work-comp-lawyerWork injuries can be very stressful.

There are procedures that need to be followed in order for you to receive medical treatment and workers’ comp benefits. While in an ideal situation you report your injury to your employer, your employer reports the injury to the insurance carrier, and you are directed to a medical provider for treatment and receive whatever additional workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to, things do not always go so smoothly. Insurance companies may deny your claim or resist giving you the full benefits you are entitled to. When this happens it can be extremely frustrating. Not only do you have to worry about your injury and the recovery process, but you also see mounting medical expenses and potential lost wages.

While at any point during a workers’ compensation injury claim you can retain the advice of a Missouri workers’ comp attorney to make sure the process goes smoothly, there are some situations where you should protect yourself and your rights by consulting an attorney.

Some of these situations include the following:

  • You are unable to get necessary medical treatment
  • Your claim has been denied by your employer’s insurance company
  • The treating physician has ordered a procedure or further tests and the insurance company cancels these procedures
  • The insurance company will not respond to your questions
  • Your doctor has deemed you unable to work but you are not receiving benefits
  • You have gone to the providers your employer directed you to see but your medical bills are not being paid by the insurance
  • You are in the process of applying for or are receiving social security benefits
  • Your employer has no workers’ comp coverage
  • After you make an injury claim you are fired, demoted, or otherwise retaliated against
  • You are confused, intimidated, or are unsure what steps to take next
  • You are advised by the workers’ compensation insurance company or by an administrative law judge to find legal representation
  • A settlement cannot be reached and the case needs to go to trial

In such instances it would be very beneficial to speak with a workers comp lawyer.  However, you may wish to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer at any point in the process.  The earlier you begin consulting with a lawyer, the better your chances of receiving compensation are.

Workers’ compensation law is a specialized area of the law. Each state determines its own workers’ comp laws and operates its own system independently from those in other states. Legislators can change these laws as they see fit, so it is important when you find a workers’ comp attorney in Missouri that your attorney regularly handles workers’ comp cases. Attorneys often take these cases on a contingency basis, which means you only pay your attorney if he or she is able to recover compensation for you.

St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Contact a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer if you have any questions or run into problems with your workers’ comp injury claim. You have rights and deserve to have the benefits that Missouri law entitles you to. Insurance companies can take advantage of workers who do not have legal representation. If you feel as if your rights are being violated, contact the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann. Our team of legal experts will work to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Updated: August 1, 2013
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