Workers’ Compensation Claims for Ligament Tears

Work-related injuries can be extremely painful; preventing an injured employee from performing day-to-day duties.

ligament tear

Work-related injuries, including fractures, muscle strains, and ligament tears can be extremely painful and may adversely affect an employee’s ability to perform his or her daily duties. An injured worker may need to undergo medical treatment, physical therapy, and time off work for recovery.

Ligament Tears

The most commonly reported ligament tear injury is that of the anterior cruciate ligament that holds the knee joint. These ligaments stabilize the joints between the lower leg and upper leg bones. A tear in any of these ligaments can have serious consequences including:

  • intense pain
  • loss of cartilage
  • osteoarthritis
  • separation of bones
  • torn joint cushions
  • damage to bone and other knee parts
  • chronic ligament deficiency

Common Causes of Ligament Tears

Work-related ligament tears are often a result of weight bearing activities such as bending, balancing, and moving. Workers indulging in strenuous physical activity such as those involved in assembly line operations, construction work, or loading and unloading are more prone to ligament tear injuries. Some common causes of ligament tears are:

  • lateral or twisting motion
  • bending the knee joint backward
  • sudden physical contact
  • rapid direction changes
  • jumps
  • impact to knee with straight leg

Common workplace accidents that cause ligament tears include:

  • scaffolding accidents
  • being hit by a falling object
  • falls from a height
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • wear and tear
  • slips and falls
  • loading and carrying cargo
  • operating heavy machinery

Symptoms of Ligament Tears

  • chronic pain
  • swelling
  • instability
  • inflammation
  • limited range of motion
  • internal bleeding
  • torn meniscus, cartilage, and broken bone
  • risk of further injury caused by loss of balance and falls

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under the Missouri workers’ compensation law, any worker who suffers a torn ligament at the workplace may be entitled to benefits irrespective of fault and cause of the injury as long as it has occurred in the course and scope of work. An injured worker may be entitled to disability benefits including:

  • partial disability
  • temporary total disability
  • permanent partial disability
  • medical expenses covering necessary and reasonable treatment for injury, prescription medication, and other related costs.
  • vocational rehabilitation for acquiring skills to return to a suitable job

Legal Assistance

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