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Partial Disability

Missouri Permanent Partial Disability Lawyer – Once a doctor has done all he or she feels can be done medically to help you, and you are not as physically able as you were before the injury, then you have a disability. 

Once a doctor has done all he or she feels can be done medically to help you, and you are not as physically able as you were before the injury, then you have a disability. And if there isn’t anything else the doctor can do to make you any better, your disability will be “permanent,” meaning you will suffer the effect of the injury from that point on. That disability will either be “total” meaning you are unable to perform any work, or “partial” which means you are able to work but there are limitations or restrictions as to what you are able to do. If you are determined to be permanently and totally disabled, your benefits will continue for the rest of your life. If your disability is a permanent partial disability (PPD), the legislature has established a formula to convert that disability into a dollar amount. The maximum weekly wage amount for a permanent partial disability is less than the maximum for the temporary total disability because the disability is partial instead of total.

Will I get a settlement?

The amount that you will receive for your permanent injury depends on the extent of your disability. Your disability may be evaluated by doctors or other experts. There are formulas in the workers compensation statute to determine the amount of permanent partial disability awards. The amount of the settlement will vary depending upon several factors, including the disability ratings from the doctors, your average weekly wage and the date of your accident. Doctors often disagree regarding the percentage of permanent partial disability in any given case. The amount of your permanent partial disability, if any, probably cannot be determined until you have completed your medical treatment.

Lump-sum settlement or award for permanent disability

If a workplace injury has caused a permanent partial disability, you may be entitled to a lump-sum payment to compensate you for your loss. The amount of compensation is based on the nature of your injury, your average weekly wage and the percentage of disability. Our law office does not rely on the opinion of the employer’s doctor concerning your disability. Instead, we obtain a second opinion from an independent doctor. This usually results in significantly greater settlements or awards for our clients.

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