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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeing Your Workers Compensation Doctor

seeing the workers compensation doctor

If you are considering filing a workers’ compensation claim, then it’s imperative to first see a doctor who can assess your injuries or condition, recommend treatment and monitor your recovery. In Missouri, your employer has the right to select the doctor you will see. If you want to see a different doctor, you may do so, but at your own expense.

You may think that going to the doctor after a work injury is a pretty straightforward thing. However, what you say and what you do can be included in your case. Here are five mistakes you need to be wary of when seeing your workers’ compensation doctors.

Going to the Doctor Too Late

Time is of the essence when it comes to work injuries, not only regarding your health but also your claim. It’s paramount to act in a timely manner and report the accident to your employer and go to the doctor as soon as possible for an evaluation. Delaying this first doctor’s trip might affect your workers’ comp claim, and not show the real extent of your injuries.

Missing Appointments & Not Following the Recommended Treatment Scheme

Following your doctor’s orders is crucial in order to make a justified claim. Otherwise, your employer’s insurance company might say that you’re to blame for the severity of your injuries since you did not follow through with your treatment scheme. If the workers’ compensation doctor recommends seeing another specialist, make an appointment and follow their advice.

Not Being Truthful About Your Medical History

Lying about your medical history or omitting relevant information might lead to an inaccurate medical record from your workers’ comp doctor, which will affect your settlement. Answer truthfully to the doctor’s questions and avoid losing your credibility over hiding such information.

Omitting Information about Your Limitations

One of the purposes of seeing a doctor after a work injury is to prove how the incident affected your life and work capacity. This is why not telling your doctor about all the ways you feel limited after the accident is a big mistake. Let them know everything about what has changed because of your accident, including mental symptoms.

Interrupting the Treatment

When your doctor prescribes you a treatment plan they also include a timeline needed for the medication and therapy to show results. Not going through with it is a big mistake, even if you feel better sooner than expected. Some injuries and conditions can get worse again if you interrupt the treatment prematurely, and your claim can suffer if you don’t follow your doctor’s orders.

Speak With an Experienced Attorney ASAP

It’s best to hire a St. Louis work injury lawyer as soon as possible after a work-related injury. They can guide you through every step, making sure you avoid making mistakes that can cost you.

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Updated: February 25, 2020