6 Occupations with a High Risk of Burn Injuries

According to the World Health Organization, millions of people worldwide suffer burn injuries. Sadly, a large percentage of these burn incidents occur at the workplace.

Let’s discuss six occupations where workers are often exposed to the risk of severe burns and what you should do if you suffer burn injuries due to your employer’s negligence or lack of safety protocols.

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1. Hospitality Industry Workers

The use of fryers, pans, and stoves daily puts workers in the foodservice industry at a high risk of burn and scald injuries.  This industry is inherently fast-paced, and workers are often in a hurry to meet ever-changing customer needs. Unfortunately, even the slightest misstep can cause severe burn injuries.

2. Fire Fighters

Firefighters endure significant risks in the line of duty. They brave burning buildings, wildfires, burning vehicles, and explosions to save lives. Given the nature of their job, firefighters could get burnt by a blazing inferno or super-hot bricks or metals. Worse, inhaling heated air could cause severe damage to their airway and leave them with life-threatening injuries.

3. Construction Workers

Construction workers often use heavy machinery and tools that heat up to a significant temperature, exposing them to severe burns. In other cases, burns occur from chemical burns, electrocution, or welding activities. Besides causing throbbing pain, a tragic burn injury can lead to severe nerve damage or permanent disfigurement.

4. Plant Workers

Chemical burn injuries that arise from oxidizers, thinning agents, or acids are widespread in plant workers. While some chemical burns are minor, others are severe and leave victims with life-long impacts.

What’s more, a chemical or gas plant explosion may release corrosive gas, which might cause severe skin burns or respiratory disorders.

5. Coal Miners

Excessive heat and fire are significant concerns for coal miners. When coal interacts with oxygen, the oxidation reaction may lead to an unexpected fire. As a result, unsuspecting coal miners may suffer severe skin burns that may require extensive surgery to treat.

6. Big Rig Drivers

Big rig drivers are exposed to fire hazards when flammable substances leak and contact a naked wire. Additionally, hazardous cargo may explode on the road causing debilitating burns.

Preventing Burn Injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates every employer to provide their employees with a safe working environment and measures to prevent injuries. As such, employers in the above industries should consistently train their employees on workplace safety, develop protocols to remove hot liquids and chemical waste and provide burn stations to help relieve the burns quickly.

As an employee, it is crucial to become familiar with these safety measures and do your part to help prevent serious burn injuries to yourself and others.

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Updated: October 19, 2021