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Benefits for Injured Work Campers – St. Louis Work Injury Lawyers


Work campers can face a number of obstacles when trying to file a workers compensation claim.

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If you have not heard of the phrase “work campers,” you are not alone. Many senior citizens who are not yet ready for full retirement are buying campers and traveling around the United States taking on temporary jobs. In essence, due to labor conditions, many seniors are taking on positions that are tantamount to migrant laborers, which is taxing the workers’ compensation rules and laws from one state to the next and affecting Missouri residents who are camping and taking on employee status.

Work Campers and Compensation Laws

Work campers are challenging the state workers’ compensation system in many different ways. There are some studies that show that those who are older and working in temporary positions are more likely to being injured and need to make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Since many work camper senior citizens have a tendency to hop from one position to the next, there is an increased chance that they aren’t skilled or qualified to work in the position that they take.

One of the issues with work campers is that they are only eligible to initiate a claim in the state where they can claim permanent residency, or the state in which their employer hired them. That means that camp workers can file claims in many states at once, which can really challenge the workers’ compensation insurance laws in each state.

What about Pre-Existing Conditions?

Many of those who work when they are elderly have pre-existing conditions that can predispose them to make workers’ compensation claims. In Missouri, those who are trying to claim disability must prove that the injury was a prevailing factor in their disability, rather than just being caused by being elderly and in poor health.

For those who are looking to work camp, Missouri is one of the hardest places to collect workers’ compensation without having a real injury that you can prove in court. If you are a work camper traveling through Missouri, you must understand the strict nature of migrant work status and pre-existing conditions. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to contact a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your rights.

How Work Camp Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Calculated?

If you file a claim for disability workers’ compensation benefits, they are based on what you earn or what your average weekly wage adds up to. Those who are work campers may not fare well when it comes to getting what they are entitled to because they often receive far less than they would if they were permanently employed.

If you are a camp worker in Missouri, you should understand how states’ laws will affect your ability to collect if you are injured at work. You can discuss your case with a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer, to see if you are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits and thus ensure you are compensated fairly for your injuries, especially if you have pre-existing conditions that might make determining your benefits more challenging.

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Updated: December 18, 2017
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