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Workers’ Compensation: Vision Loss

If you do experience an eye injury, seek immediate medical attention.  Workplace injuries can be devastating. Unexpectedly, lives can be changed and you may be unable to earn a living while you recover from your injury, sometimes injury results in permanent disability and workers cannot return to their jobs at all. This is stressful, puts … Read more

Updated: November 6, 2019

Are Traffic Accidents Covered Under Workers Comp?

The law is not always clear regarding whether car accidents are covered under workers comp. Employees are entitled to workers compensation benefits when they sustain an injury that is the direct result of their employment. Every state has laws regulating workers compensation insurance that are different but most require that employers have worker’s comp coverage. … Read more

Updated: November 8, 2019

Injured Working On A Construction Site

Workers’ compensation laws describe the benefits that injured employees are entitled to, like lost wages and medical expenses. Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions. Every year thousands of construction workers suffer injuries or death while working on construction sites. While it is an inherently dangerous job, injuries can be caused by employer’s … Read more

Updated: May 16, 2024

Harsher Punishments For Texting and Driving

distracted texting while driving

Using a cellphone while in the car is one of the leading causes for distracted driving accidents. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents, and cracking down on distracted driving has become a priority in many states. Currently in Virginia harsher punishments are being enacted for the offense of texting while driving. … Read more

Updated: March 28, 2016

What To Do If You Are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals

If you have experienced health consequences as the result of chemical exposure, contact a personal injury attorney. Chemical exposure is ingesting, touching, or breathing in any kind of toxic chemicals. People who are exposed to toxic chemicals can experience varying degrees of effects, depending on the chemicals. Minor reactions like skin rashes, burning sensation in … Read more

Updated: June 19, 2024

Car Accident Statistics

Finding an experienced attorney will protect you and your family, your finances and property. Every driver should be aware of car accident statistics. Sharing the road is a dangerous experience and accidents happen frequently. Many people do not realize just how prevalent car accidents are. Being aware of the statistics can make you a better … Read more

Updated: April 26, 2013