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Can I Quit My Job While Receiving Work Comp Benefits?

While the short answer may be yes, there are a few things you may want to consider before leaving your place of employment.

This is a question that many seriously injured workers consider. If you are injured on the job in Missouri and are receiving workers compensation benefits, it does not necessarily mean you are locked into your job. There is nothing that requires you to stay with your employer. If you were injured at work, you still have a valid workmens comp claim, even if you quit.

Can I quit job while getting benefits

While the short answer may be yes, there are a few things you may want to consider before leaving your place of employment.

Quitting Your Job Can Complicate Matters

There are several aspects of your workers compensation claim that can be affected because you quit your job. First of all, your employer will likely try to deny your claim by arguing that you’re not eligible because you voluntarily quit your job. You will have to prove that you left your job because of your work injury. For instance, you may no longer feel safe.

Second, quitting your job can complicate your eligibility for unemployment benefits. You will likely not be eligible for any type of temporary total disability benefits.

When You Should Consider Quitting

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe returning to you job, you would likely consider quitting. If this is the case, you will want to speak to an experienced workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible. They will help you prepare your case and also any evidence to prove that there are unsafe working conditions at your job.

Do You Feel Forced to Quit?

What if you do not want to quit your job but you feel that your employer is trying to get you to quit? If this is your case, you need to understand that it is illegal for your employer to fire you because you have filed a work comp claim. It is also illegal for them to pressure you quit.

Your employer or company may try several tactics. They do this because they want to avoid paying your benefits. They know that if you leave of your own free will, it’s less likely that you will pursue your work comp benefits.

Contact an Experienced Work Comp Attorney

If you feel that your employer is forcing you to resign, or if your claim is being denied because you quit your job, contact the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann. While it may be more difficult to prove your case if you have quit, it is certainly not impossible.

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Updated: November 9, 2022