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Company Issued Citations After A Preventable Accident

preventable accident

You are entitled to workers’ compensation when injured on the job. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has investigated and cited one company, Lieze Associates, with serious safety violations after an incident in December 2012 where one worker’s fingers were amputated in a work accident. The company was doing business … Read more

Updated: December 29, 2015

Back Injuries At Work: Types of Spinal Injuries

A Workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in properly filing a claim. Injuries to the back and spine can be incredibly painful. Some are more serious than others and require extensive treatment, while others respond well to rest and other conservative treatment methods. If you experience a back/spinal injury while at work, notify your employer … Read more

Updated: September 7, 2016

Increased Car Accident Rates For Teenagers

Drivers have a responsibility to be safe on the road so as to not put others in unnecessary danger.  Driving while fatigued has always increased the risk of accidents. And a Virginia study has linked early school start times with the number of car accidents involving teenage drivers. Teenagers need more sleep than adults; most … Read more

Updated: April 15, 2013

Origin of Workers’ Compensation Law

What is worker’s compensation law? As the name suggests, this law protects the works of an industry or an organization against expensive medical bills and court procedures arising due to any accident at their workplace. This law was passed in 1900s. It compensated for the monetary losses suffered by an employee in case of any … Read more

Updated: March 2, 2017

Repetitive Tasks: Workers At Risk Of Elbow Injury

Some elbow injuries from repetitive motions can be avoided by using more ergonomic equipment.  Workers who perform repetitive activities are at a greater risk for elbow injuries. While anyone can sustain an elbow injury at work from an accident, when you perform repetitive activities like grasping or lifting, you are at a heightened risk of … Read more

Updated: January 29, 2017

Widow Sues Texas Industries For Work-Related Death

Contacting a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible after an accident is the best way to protect your rights. A Fort Worth, Texas woman is suing her husband’s former employer, Texas Industries, for administering a drug test and apparently waiting hours before calling 911 after he had an accident while at work. Texas Industries … Read more

Updated: July 27, 2021