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Do You Work Around Water? Be Careful of These Potential Hazards


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Water is essential for running day-to-day work operations. Some companies use tens of thousands of gallons of water daily, while others only need water for cleaning and hydration. Unfortunately, water hazards exist in both cases. Below, we’ll highlight some of the most common water hazards in the workplace that you should be wary of.

Water Puddles

Water puddles look harmless, but they could mean a trip to the ER if you’re not too careful. Wet and damp spots on the floor put you and other workers at risk of slip-and-fall accidents. These accidents occur when people slip and fall on hard surfaces.

Water makes the floor slippery, making slipping and hitting the hard surface easy. Slip-and-fall accidents are responsible for concussions, fractures, and sprains, all covered by workers’ comp insurance.

Leaks and Spills

Leaks and spills can also create slippery surfaces that you can slip on and hurt yourself. Therefore, make it a priority to inform the janitors when you notice leaks or spills to clean up the mess. Who knows? You might save someone (including yourself) from a sprained ankle or a traumatic brain injury.

Standing Water

Industries requiring copious amounts of water usually store it in large pools, artificial lagoons, and tanks. Unfortunately, these water structures put you at risk of drowning if you accidentally stumble into them.

Employers are responsible for cordoning off standing water and putting up visible warning signs to ensure their workers’ safety. They should also hire trained personnel to restrict access to these areas and rescue drowning workers.

Flooded Areas

Workplaces with poor drainage are prone to flooding. This means water can’t flow out of the work area after heavy rain or leakage from a burst pipe. Unfortunately, standing water can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Water can also interact with live wires and pose an electrical hazard, electrocuting unsuspecting workers and destroying expensive electronic devices.

Contaminated Water

Water can also be a vehicle for toxic substances entering your body. That’s because it readily dissolves toxic substances that aren’t visible. You can unknowingly drink contaminated water, which could lead to various health complications, depending on the contaminant. Only drink water from clean sources while at work to be safe.

Leave Your Workers’ Comp to Us

Water in the workplace could be dangerous, depending on how you approach it. That said, be on the lookout for the above water hazards to protect your workplace safety. But don’t forget; you can receive compensation for your injuries via workers’ comp insurance.

The attorneys at The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann are eager to help you succeed with your workers’ comp process. Talk to us today, and we’ll get started on your claim right away.

Updated: June 26, 2023
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