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Getting Compensated for “Sick Building Syndrome”


Sick building syndrome refers to a wide range of causes for work-related injuries or sickness.

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When your working environment or conditions make you sick, you are caught in the middle: having to pay medical bills and suffering physical and mental damage because of the job that is supposed to pay for those medical bills. This is what workers compensation is for.

Employers who fail to provide a safe working environment for their staff are liable in case anyone gets hurt on the premises or while performing work duties. Seems like a fair and straight principle, right? Only the reality is that not all cases run smoothly.

To get your workers comp claim accepted, you need to be able to prove that the injuries you suffered are, indeed, your employer’s responsibility. Moreover, you also need to provide documentation on the extent and gravity of your injuries. And let’s just say some cases are easier than others. That is why the help of a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer is especially vital in these cases.

Sick Building Syndrome Causes

Sick building syndrome seems to be the explanation for any sudden respiratory problems, allergies or asthma attack. But what is a myth and what is proven to be indeed dangerous to our health?

Sick building syndrome refers to a wide range of causes for work-related injuries or sickness. This happens when the workers in a building are exposed to harmful factors or conditions: bacteria in the HVAC unit, toxic fumes, mold, dust, and debris, etc. Any substance or element that has a bad effect on the health of the workers while they are in the building where they carry their activity can be a cause of sick building syndrome.

Workers Compensation Claim

What makes it hard to receive workers comp for it is that it is an umbrella term for multiple types of conditions, making it difficult to establish the connection between the workplace and an employee’s health problems.

What helps you in the case of a workers compensation claim for sick building syndrome is proving that your co-workers experience similar symptoms, and/or that you are showing symptoms only when you are at work. If the effects of the elements in your workplace are so bad that they keep you out of work, you may be able to file in for permanent or temporary disability.

Sick building syndrome should be treated like any other workers comp claim, so make sure you follow the same procedure as you would if a more direct injury would happen: go to a doctor as soon as you notice recurring symptoms. Be aware of their frequency and what you were doing, where you were during and prior to showing the symptoms. It is very beneficial to keep a concise journal of your health progress.

You may or may not be eligible for a workers compensation because of sick building syndrome, but it is worth discussing your claim with an experienced St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer. They will help you understand what your legal rights are.

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Updated: August 27, 2019
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