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5 Warehouse Safety Hazards That Often Lead to Work Injuries


Work injuries often take place in jobs that require physical activity, heavy lifting or involve heavy machinery and products.

forklift in a warehouse

Construction sites, warehouses, mines or harbors are such places where employees often suffer accidents or even lose their life when safety measures are not followed.

Warehouses are part of almost any business on the market since physical products and goods still dominate the trading world. Many people who work in warehouses don’t get to use proper safety equipment or even be covered by an insurance company in case something happens. It is obvious that such jobs require extra attention to safety. Moreover, employers should remind workers of the safety measures they should always keep in mind in a warehouse.

If you work in a warehouse, take notice of the safety measures your employer has implemented. If you see anything that doesn’t seem to fit regulations, talk to your manager or the syndicate. If you get injured, then it’s best to get in touch with a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure your legal rights are protected.

Forklift-Related Accidents

By far, the most common cause of injury for warehouse workers is a forklift accident. A wrong estimate in the weight the forklift can carry, plus negligence of the employee or the forklift operator can easily lead to serious injuries and even death if the forklift falls or overturns. Other accidents may involve falling heavy objects and boxes or being run over by the forklift. Proper training is absolutely necessary for anyone operating a forklift for the first time.


Loading docks are situated high from the ground and often don’t have a railing or proper safety barriers installed. Workers can fall from the docs or get hit by other falling object and even loading vehicles. Proper training, again, can save lives and avoid major injury. Efficient communication between employees and supervisors is also crucial for safety.

Hazardous Materials

Sometimes, injuries in warehouses are caused by the nature of the stored materials. Many warehouses are used to store hazardous materials, and improper handling can lead to poisoning, fires, chemical burns, asphyxiation, etc. Workers handling dangerous substances should always wear protective gear and follow protocols closely.

Falls and Slips

A broad category of injury causes not only in warehouses but in any work environment, are slips and falls. Wet floors, inadequate equipment, spilled liquids and improper cleaning at the workplace can result in serious slips. Falls can occur from high places, often resulting in fatalities, as warehouses are typically vast spaces with people operating on multiple levels above ground.

Long-Term Injury Due to Repetitive Movements

A more uncommon type of injury caused by working in a warehouse is long-term straining due to repetitive movements. Workers may suffer from back, neck and joint pain if the repetitive movements they do are not following rules of ergonomics. Employees should notify their supervisors in case they observe increasing pain over time.

If you work in a warehouse, be sure to follow the rulebook and ask for proper training. In case something happens, an employee is generally entitled to workers compensation. Get in touch with a St. Louis work injury lawyer as soon as possible. Give us a call 24/7 at (314) 361-4300 for a FREE case evaluation.

Updated: September 26, 2022
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