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How Employers Can Violate Workers Compensation Laws


How do you know if your employer is following the laws related to workers’ compensation insurance?

Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer

In Missouri, it is the law that an employer carries workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation coverage will pay for an employee if they are injured in a work-related accident. There are some businesses that might be exempt from carrying the insurance. Also, some industries and types of work relationships might make an employee ineligible to collect workers’ compensation. So, how do you know if your employer is following the laws related to workers’ compensation insurance?

It is mandatory that an employer post workers’ compensation laws, rights and responsibilities in a common area for employees to see. If you are working for a company, it is important to understand what your employer is required to pay for and what they aren’t, according to the law and the type of employee that you are and the arrangement that you have with them.

Violation of MO Workers Comp Laws

Some employers may try to violate workers’ compensation laws. If your employer is violating the required and mandatory workers’ compensation insurance in Missouri, then it might leave them open to litigation if you get hurt. If you are injured while on the job, the first thing to do is to notify your employer of your injury, and the second is to hire a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you and ensure that your employer is in compliance with Missouri law.

Violations that your employer might be making regarding workers’ compensation are:

  • If they fail to pay the premiums for state-related workers’ compensation programs
  • If they don’t carry the mandatory minimum they are required to take have according to Missouri law
  • If your employer fails to make a claim or to file a report once you have notified them that you were injured while you were at work. Or, if they fail to file a report within the time-frame allotted
  • If an employer fails to carry any workers’ compensation coverage at all and leaves their employees vulnerable if the employee is injured

Get it in Writing

There are times when employers will claim that your work relationship negates your right to workers’ compensation. Certain types of employees, like independent contractors, aren’t privy to workers’ compensation unless you have a specific contract or agreement with your employer. But you have to get the arrangement in writing to prove in court that either you aren’t an independent contractor, or that you have an agreement in place that you are covered. It is possible to prove that you weren’t an independent contractor, but the process can be arduous and sometimes can leave you waiting a long time to get the compensation you need.

If you are injured while on the job, there are specific obligations that your employer is mandated to pay for. If you believe that your employer is violating their responsibilities regarding workers’ compensation insurance, then it is critical that you hire a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer to help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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Updated: January 11, 2018
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